‘RHOP’: Gizelle Bryant Says Wendy Osefo Got a ‘Pass’ Her First Season – ‘We Didn’t Have Time to Deal With Wendy’

Gizelle Bryant and Wendy Osefo’s feud has yet to start playing out on The Real Housewives of Potomac but both have differing accounts of why they have problems. Bryant says viewers will get to see more of Osefo’s personality this year because there aren’t the same distractions as last season. Per Bryant, the cast didn’t have time to pay much attention to Osefo during her first season because of so much contention amongst their co-stars. 

Wendy Osefo and Gizelle Bryant
(L to R) Wendy Osefo and Gizelle Bryant celebrate Bryant’s birthday 2020 | Brian Stukes/Getty Images

Gizelle Bryant says Wendy Osefo was largely ignored during her first season because of the drama amongst the cast

Bryant says season 6 of RHOP is just as drama-filled regardless of Samuels exit. She also says Osefo has changed the most since last season, noting Osefo’s physical transformation since having her mommy makeover in the form of a Brazilian butt lift, breast implants, and other miscellaneous tweaks. 

Many fans are noting that they are seeing a different side of Osefo than they did in her inaugural season last year. When asked whether she feels Osefo got a “pass” during her first season, Bryant says yes.

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“100%,” she tells David Yontef during a recent interview on his podcast Behind the Velvet Rope. “And you know there are free passes out here in these streets.”

Bryant says because of the fallout from the fight between Samuels and Dillard, no one really paid much attention to Osefo. 

“And, you know we had a lot to deal with as far as the group is concerned and dealing with what happened and trying to get us back to a better place and all of that,” she continued. “We didn’t have time to deal with Wendy. It’s like, ‘Wendy who? Who cares?'”

The ‘RHOP’ OG and Wendy Osefo have issues this season

Viewers are anticipating watching the dissension between Osefo and Bryant. Per the previews, Osefo confronts Bryant over rumors she believes Bryant spreads among the friend group regarding her husband allegedly being unfaithful. 

Osefo says despite Bryant having a history of trying to ruin her co-star’s marriages and relationships, she gave Bryant the benefit of the doubt and tried to form a relationship with her. Now, it’s something she says she is disappointed over.

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“I’m not mad at the blogs,” Osefo tells Entertainment Tonight in a recent interview. “Everyone has to eat. Do you, you know? I’m not mad at it because we know our truth. And I’m confident in my marriage. It doesn’t matter. But in the same token, you have a level of expectation from your friends and you don’t think that your friends will ever give life to a lie. If anything, they will quell it because they’re your friends.”

Osefo also says she was “wrongful in having high expectations” of Bryant.

Gizelle Bryant insists she’s not guilty of what Wendy Osefo believes

Bryant says Osefo will have egg on her face as she watches the season unfold and realizes she’s not guilty of what she’s being accused of. 

“There’s a lot of things that she thought I did which I did not do,” she told The Breakfast Club. “The reason that she thought I did is because typically, I do very shady things. And I own it, right? I’m just here to let everybody live in their truth. Let’s just talk about it. So I didn’t come at it from a shady perspective. I was really like…it was out of concern. What’s going on in your life? Are you able to handle social media? Are you able to handle everything that goes on and goes along with being on a reality television stage?”

RHOP airs every Sunday on Bravo.