‘RHOP’: Gizelle Bryant’s ‘Skunk Hair’ Confessional Look Slammed by Candiace Dillard and Karen Huger

RHOP Housewives Candiace Dillard and Karen Huger threw shade at Gizelle Bryant’s confessional look in a series of tweets. Dillard called it “criminally offensive,” and Huger compared the hairstyle to a skunk.

Gizelle Bryant’s ‘RHOP’ confessional look slammed by Candiace Dillard and Karen Huger

Around the time the trailer dropped for The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7, the cast members and spoiler accounts began leaking their confessional looks or what they wore during their commentary.

Candiace Dillard disapproved of Gizelle Bryant’s style as she tweeted she thought production “has a responsibility to step in when our interview looks are criminally offensive.” Although she didn’t name the OG Housewife as the subject, Karen Huger chimed in, “you’ve got to love her, skunk hair design and all,” with a laughing emoji.

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Dillard quipped back, “no, we don’t.” As Bryant seems to sport a striped hairstyle during her upcoming confessionals and appears to have a tense season with Dillard, many fans believe she’s referring to the Green-Eyed Bandit.

While Dillard didn’t interact with those who commented under the post, Huger did. A couple of followers reminded her of her past confessional looks, and the Grande Dame admitted she had her fashion faux-pas as well. Someone else called out how much her storyline appears to revolve around Bryant, and Huger agreed, adding, “along with so much more.”

Dillard and Bryant butt heads during ‘RHOP’ Season 7

The RHOP Season 7 trailer teased drama between Dillard and Bryant over her husband, Chris Bassett. In one scene, Ashley Darby claimed Bassett invited her to the hotel The W and wondered who he hung out with there before answering, “not your wife.”

Another showed Dillard and Bassett in the car together as she questioned him about coming home after midnight. The chef didn’t deny it but claimed he didn’t stay out that late “every day.”

Bryant is then seen talking to best friend and OG cast member Robyn Dixon, claiming married men have flirted with her before. Therefore, she believed Bassett sent her signs wanting to see if she was “with it” and called him a “sneaky link.”

Dillard apparently figured out what Bryant said about her husband and eventually confronted her. However, the former First Lady doubled down on her story, insisting that Bassett made her feel “uncomfortable.” On the other hand, he denied trying to get with the Housewife, telling Dillard, “I didn’t do anything.”

Huger and Charrisse Jackson Jordan a part of ‘RHOP’ Season 7 drama

According to the trailer, Huger’s storyline does include more than the usual banter with Bryant. The upcoming season will feature the Grande Dame’s marriage as Dillard told Darby that Huger allegedly went on an out-of-town vacation with another man.

However, in one clip, the Hugers talked about their “institution” and brought up their agreement that allowed her to have “eye candy.” Therefore, if she went out of town with someone else, Ray knew likely. Much of her storyline is also focused on the return of Charrisse Jackson Jordan, who apparently targets the OG Housewife.

After her last guest appearance in season 5, the former cast member returned as a “friend of” the show, first showing up at an outdoor event. When Huger immediately walked away, Dixon pointed out that she left due to Jackson’s presence. “I have that effect on people,” she claimed.

Their tension eventually bubbled over, resulting in Huger threatening to beat up Jackson in the middle of a restaurant. The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7 premieres October 9 at 8/7c on Bravo.

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