‘RHOP’: How Karen Huger Feels About Her Husband’s Accusation That Fame Changed Her

Fans of RHOP are seeing a new side of Karen Huger. The self-proclaimed Grand Dame is steering clear of the drama between Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard and is focusing her attention on her flourishing business deals. But Karen’s husband Ray feels left behind.

Ray Huger and Karen Huger
Karen Huger and Ray Huger 2018 | Brian Stukes/Getty Images

He believes the success is changing Karen for the worse and Karen is struggling to find a balance and resolve their marital issues

Ray Huger admits that he’s no longer in love with Karen Huger on ‘RHOP’

In previous seasons of RHOP, the love between Karen and Ray is apparent. The two have been married for over 20 years and season one chronicles the two becoming empty nesters with Karen excited to reconnect with Ray on a more personal and intimate level now that their children are out of the house. 

This season shows the longtime couples disconnect. In one episode, Ray refuses to tell Karen he loves her, despite her asking him to do so. He appears disinterested and dismissive of her feelings. Despite such, Karen is insistent that she wants to work on their issues as she desires to maintain their marriage.

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Karen claims that she and Ray’s issues are due to their 17-year age difference, as well as Ray’s desire to move to Florida for retirement. Karen however, prefers to stay in the Maryland area. Season 5 also chronicles their move back to Potomac.

During a session with a relationship coach, Ray is asked whether or not he’s in love with Karen, to which he responds, “I think so.” He later admits that while he loves Karen unconditionally, he does not have the feeling of being in love with her and says it’s due to Karen not spending enough time with him.

Ray’s revelation leaves Karen devastated. She ceases filming and is heard over audio breaking down in tears.”

Ray Huger’s distance from Karen Huger is due to her newfound fame – how Karen feels about Ray’s view of her

Despite the blow of Ray admitting he’s not currently in love with her, Karen’s commitment to revitalizing their marriage is strong. The two take a stroll in one scene as Karen questions Ray about why his feelings for her have changed. Ray says he believes Karen’s newfound success from the show trumps her commitment to him.

Ray believes Karen’s platform has gone to her head. Karen says the transition of her from a traditional housewife to a businesswoman is uncomfortable for Ray as he’s used to her as solely a wife and mother. She believes Ray may find her new platform to be intimidating, which Ray denies.

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During the RHOP After Show, Karen addresses how Ray’s comments makes her feel.

“It certainly had an impact on us, because I’m dedicated to my brand. I’m dedicated to building my business one stone at a time, and I was guilty of not striking a balance with that, and it did not help my marriage at all,” she says. “I think it made Ray feel less important to me, which was not the case.”

Karen says she’s failed at creating a balance between being a professional woman and being a wife and that Ray’s revelation is an eye-opener for her to do so.