‘RHOP’: How Wendy Osefo Really Feels About Monique Samuels Since Samuels’ Fight With Candiace Dillard

Wendy Osefo has made quite the impression on viewers of RHOP in her first season as a full-time housewife. Despite her issues with Karen Huger, Osefo seems to fit in with the group.

'RHOP' season 5 cast
‘RHOP’ season 5 cast | Sophy Holland/Bravo

But, her relationship with Monique Samuels is not clear, especially after Samuels’ fight with Osefo’s close friend, Candiace Dillard. Osefo says her relationship with Samuels is currently “non-existent.”

Wendy Osefo sides with Candiace Dillard in Dillard’s fight with Monique Samuels

Dillard and Samuels’ friendship has been rocky since their breakdown during season 4. Samuels became angry with Dillard, accusing her of being insensitive to Ashley Darby’s motherhood journey.

This season, the two tried mending their relationship. But drama behind the scenes that Samuels accuses Dillard of being part of put the final nail in the coffin.

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While celebrating Gizelle Bryant’s literary award at a local winery, the two’s verbal spat became physical, with Samuels pulling Dillard’s hair and punching her in the head. Dillard hit Samuels with a wine glass in her mouth, which she says was in self-defense.

Osefo, along with Bryant and Robyn Dixon believes Samuels’s behavior is inexcusable. Furthermore, Osefo is offended that Samuels was not remorseful immediately after the fight. She also takes issue with Samuels enlisting the help of Darby by having Darby write a statement of support in her countersuit against Dillard. 

Wendy Osefo says she does not know Monique Samuels well enough to have a relationship with her

Samuels previously admitted to not currently having a relationship with Osefo during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. She also told Andy Cohen that she is baffled by Osefo being upset with Darby’s support of her in her legal battle against Dillard.

As for how Samuels describes her relationship with Osefo, Samuels says it’s “nonexistent” because they never had the “opportunity to develop a relationship.”

Osefo agrees. In a new interview with Madame Noire, Osefo explains that she and Samuels’ interaction before the wig-pulling fight was minimal.

“Me and Monique literally met five times and on the sixth time, she fought Candiace,” Osefo explains. “I don’t know her. So I don’t know her personally. You gotta take a step back. The last time we were even around each other, we were at the lake house.”

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Osefo further explains that due to her close friendship with Dillard, trying to develop a friendship with Samuels in the aftermath of the fight was not on her list of priorities.

“When we’re around each other, it was just like casual conversation you know. I didn’t have any deep, prolific conversations with her. Then the next time that saw her, she fought somebody in the group that I knew the most,” Osefo says. “You gotta step back and look at it from that angle like, “She didn’t know her, and then she got in a fight with one people that she actually does know. So what would you do?”

Osefo is also frustrated over the allegation that the cast refused to film with Samuels. In fact, she says she was told by production, and by Samuels’ own admission, that Samuels preferred to film with only certain cast members following the fight. Osefo believes Samuels is trying to make herself appear to be the victim and have her co-stars labeled as “mean girls.”

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