‘RHOP’: Inside Candiace Dillard’s New $1 Million Estate

Bravo must be paying Candiace Dillard well as she is now the proud owner of a $1 million home. The RHOP star and her husband Chris Bassett are all moved into their new pad. The couple celebrated Thanksgiving for the first time in their new Maryland mansion. 

Candiace Dillard
Candiace Dillard | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Candiace Dillard previously lived in a home owned by her mother

Dillard’s pampered lifestyle has a lot to do with her mother Dorothy’s financial contributions. She admits that she grew up spoiled thanks to her mother’s success as a therapist who owns her own practice. 

In addition to Dorothy footing the bill for Dillard to start her own business, she also purchased Dillard’s Maryland townhome. Dillard revealed that due to her living in the home, she and her mom split the mortgage bill.

But Dillard’s co-stars became confused upon learning Dillard was sharing the home with her then-fiance, Bassett. She later explained that they split the mortgage three ways between her, Bassett, and her mother.

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Dillard has struggled with creating boundaries with Dorothy. She believes she owes Dorothy for how much she financially contributes to her life. According to Dillard, Dorothy controls her with money by using money to guilt Dillard into doing what she wants.

In one scene, Dillard and Dorothy argue about Dillard inviting her half-brother to her wedding. This issue came due to Dorothy paying for the wedding. Dillard slams her mother for using the house she lives in as collateral. 

“I think I should be able to live my life without feeling afraid that you’re going to sell my house because you’re mad,” Dillard snaps at Dorothy.

But Dorothy says she does the opposite, telling her daughter, “Candiace, first of all, you’ve been in the house for six years. You had ample opportunity to pay the rent on the house.”

Candiace Dillard buys a $1 million home estate

Due to wanting to set boundaries with Dorothy, Dillard and her husband began searching for their own home. They also began paying the mortgage of the townhome in its entirety to avoid interference from Dorothy. After over a year of searching, Dillard finally has a home she can call her own.

Dillard and her husband shared news of purchasing their first home in a post to Dillard’s Instagram account on Thanksgiving. 

According to Reality Blurb, Dillard’s new digs are in the Upper Marlboro section of Maryland. Per the report, MLS records show the couple paid exactly $1 million for the 10.400 square foot home. 

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The two-story home is equipped with five bedrooms and six-and-a-half bathrooms. Nearby, the couple can enjoy a country club and golf course in their new gated community.

Viewers remember Bassett, a chef, and his insistence that the kitchen of their new home is up to par. It looks like his wish is granted. The large kitchen area boasts glass-front cabinetry, gray countertops, a large island, stainless steel appliances. The kitchen also has a custom wine refrigerator.

Downstairs, the couple will enjoy a finished basement with plenty of space to entertain. The area features a full bar and a pool table.