‘RHOP:’ Jamal Bryant Hits Monique Samuels With a Cease and Desist – Samuels and Her Husband Fire Back and Threaten Legal Action

The war of words between Jamal and Gizelle Bryant and Chris and Monique Samuels is getting messier. Jamal has now shot back with a cease and desist. The Samuels family refuse to back down however and are demanding a public apology for Jamal’s claims that the RHOP star is being abused. If an apology is not received, the Samuels’ are prepared to sue. 

Monique Samuels
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Monique Samuels claims Jamal and Gizelle Bryant are faking their relationship; Jamal responds alleging Samuels’ husband has CTE and is aggressive

During part one of the season 5 reunion, Samuels confronted Gizelle regarding rumors that she and Jamal’s relationship is fake and for the show. Gizelle denies such. But Samuels stuns all when she presents a binder full of alleged screenshots of texts from Jamal’s alleged real girlfriend.

Per Samuels, Jamal and the woman in question have been in a long-term relationship. The screenshots allege that the two travel together as Jamal completes his speaking engagements. The woman also allegedly questioned Jamal about reconciling with Gizelle, to which Jamal allegedly responded “that’s just for reality TV.”

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Jamal’s 22-minute response on his Facebook Live denies all of Samuels’ claims. He also makes his own allegations about Samuels and her family, claiming her former NFL playing husband Chris has CTE and has a history of being aggressive toward women. He also insinuates that Chris is abusive to his wife and that their close friends, and even the Samuels’ pastor, are aware.

Jamal does not produce any evidence of such, claiming he won’t do so in an attempt to not embarrass the Samuels family. He instead begs Chris to seek help and medical attention for his alleged CTE.

Samuels told Shadow and Act in a recent interview that she found Jamal’s claims laughable and that they hold no merit.

Jamal Bryant slaps Monique Samuels with a cease and desist; Samuels and her husband threaten legal action against Bryant

TMZ reports that Bryant hit Monique with a cease and desist, forbidding her from speaking about him and his alleged romantic relationships publicly. He accuses Monique of intentionally and inaccurately spreading rumors he says are untrue. Bryant also says that he’s now in danger due to Monique repeating his telephone number on television.

But Monique isn’t backing down. She calls BS on the telephone number mention, considering Bravo censored her doing so. Monique also says she has every right to speak on Bryant’s love life. In her legal response, Monique claims to have ” irrefutable proof of your [Bryant’s] egregious sexual conduct with a woman you have been seeing for the past eight years, as well as others.”

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Chris is also getting involved by sending Bryant a cease and desist letter of his own. Per Chris, Samuels the remarks about him being abusive to Monique because he has CTE, that he cheats on her and verbally assaults her and another woman are false.

If Bryant does not remove all posts involving the remarks about Chris and issues a public apology, Chris will sue for defamation of character.