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During The Real Housewives of Potomac season 4 reunion, Gizelle Bryant shockingly revealed that she rekindled her romance with her ex-husband and father of her three kids, Jamal. During the following year, many fans and other housewives began to suspect they faked their reconciliation. However, the Bryants deflected the questions.

Monique Samuels arrived at the season 5 reunion with a binder that contained receipts, or information, on all her cast members and shared messages in which the Atlanta-based pastor allegedly admitted to the fraud relationship. Jamal responded on Instagram Live, holding a receipt-filled binder of his own, and claimed he would “never” return to the franchise.

Jamal Bryant attends the 2019 Frank Ski Celebrity Wine Tasting & Live Auction
Jamal Bryant attends the 2019 Frank Ski Celebrity Wine Tasting & Live Auction | Paras Griffin

Gizelle Bryant under fire for her relationship with ex-husband Jamal

After previously claiming she would never give her ex-husband another chance, as he allegedly fathered multiple children during their marriage, Gizelle Bryant announced her reconciliation with Jamal during the season 4 reunion.

However, rumors began spreading that the couple faked a romance because they needed a storyline for the show.

Additionally, the other housewives questioned the validity of the relationship throughout the fifth season.

They wondered why he didn’t attend group events, and Karen Huger repeatedly noted she felt like he “lived in the phone.” Bryant insisted the two were an item and mostly deflected the ladies’ questions.

Monique Samuels slammed Jamal Bryant during ‘RHOP’ season 5 reunion

Toward the end of the first part of the RHOP season 5 reunion, Monique Samuels showed up with a binder that included receipts on all cast members.

After Huger asked Bryant if they faked the relationship point-blank, Samuels flipped to the OG housewife’s tab in her binder and began reading messages aloud that allegedly Jamal exchanged with a woman he dated while in a relationship with his ex-wife.

According to the texts, the Atlanta-based pastor insisted the relationship wasn’t real.

Although Bryant identified the number as belonging to Jamal’s, she otherwise refused to address the bombshell.

Jamal Bryant claims he will ‘never’ appear on ‘RHOP’ again

 A few days after the episode aired, Jamal Bryant broadcasted live on Instagram to address Samuels’ claim and other events that occurred during the show. He first noted that he’s never spoken about the show before and has never supported it or reality television in general.

The Atlanta-based pastor continued and admitted he “regrets” participating in the franchise because of the way he believes it misrepresented him and his “ministry.”

As a result, he promised he would never return to the series. Jamal also acknowledged followers who believe his daughters didn’t enjoy being around him and called them “daddy’s girls.”

‘RHOP’ Gizelle Bryant Accused of Faking Reconciliation With Jamal Bryant for a ‘New Storyline’

He then spoke about the “disparaging” remarks his former father-in-law made about him after their dinner when he claimed the pastor had several babies with different women and noted the father had “every right” to feel protective over his daughter.

Jamal also addressed the text messages that Samuels read and admitted to having a romantic relationship with the woman “as a single man.” However, he didn’t clarify when he dated the woman or if he told her he faked the relationship with Bryant.

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