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After telling The Real Housewives of Potomac stars that she would not invite Monique Samuels to her wig party, Karen Huger had her come to the function anyway. However, she rushed the Not For Lazy Moms owner out the door before the other ladies arrived. During the party, the women began questioning Huger for inviting Samuels. Feeling uncomfortable, the Grand Dame fled her party early, allegedly for dinner reservations. However, she later revealed she returned to the function with fried chicken instead.

'The Real Housewives of Potomac' -- Pictured: Karen Huger
‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’ — Pictured: Karen Huger | Larry French

Karen Huger invited the Housewives to wig party

During their final day in Portugal, Karen Huger invited the other ladies to a party for the second installation in her company La’Dame, a wig line. The Grand Dame claims she wanted to celebrate with the other housewives because they were by her side during the journey, but they seemingly didn’t know anything about the new business.

Nonetheless, they agreed to support her and attend the party after Huger claimed she didn’t invite Monique Samuels. After they got back into town, Ashley Darby went to lunch with Samuels and told her about the party.

However, the Not For Lazy Moms owner claimed she rejected Huger’s invitation because she didn’t want to run into former friend Candiace Dillard, especially as they had pending charges against each other at the time.

Confused, Darby called Huger to clarify, but the Grand Dame accused Darby of twisting her words.

Huger left the party early after getting interrogated by the ladies

Before the party began, Samuels hung out with Huger for 10 minutes until Dillard told Huger she was on the way. After receiving the text, Huger rushed Samuels out the door, and she left only a few minutes before the other housewives arrived.

Darby informed the women that Samuels came to the party before everyone else, and they questioned Huger about her intentions in front of her guests.

Feeling embarrassed, the Grand Dame attempted to deflect before abruptly leaving her own party for dinner reservations she previously made. After Huger left, Dillard revealed the La’Dame owner asked her to come early to help set up.

Therefore, she and the other ladies felt that Huger tried to “set up” her and Samuels. Newest housewife Wendy Osefo bluntly told Dillard that Huger wasn’t her friend for pulling the shady stunt.

Huger admitted she got fried chicken instead of planned dinner reservations

During the After Show, the Grand Dame explained her decision to invite Samuels despite telling the others she wouldn’t. According to Huger, she only claimed the podcast host wouldn’t attend the party with the other ladies out of respect for them.

However, she insists she never said Samuels wasn’t coming at all and had her at her “pre-opening party.” Huger admitted she could’ve “clued in” Darby but wanted to keep it to herself as it’s the only way she thinks she can “successfully pull something off with this group of women.”


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When it came to leaving the party early, Huger explained she bounced because she felt like the others were ganging up on her. A producer confirmed she had dinner reservations, but Huger claims the disagreement caused them to “run late.”

Therefore, she says she picked up fried chicken boxes from KFC instead and brought them back to thank the remaining guests for staying despite the argument. The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.