Karen Huger From ‘RHOP’ Tweets Cryptic Message Following the ‘RHOA’ Reunion Finale

Karen Huger from The Real Housewives of Potomac seems to be a fan of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. As the season 12 reunion for the latter aired on Bravo, the RHOP star shared a cryptic message on Twitter. Since she didn’t single out anybody on the tweet, fans have now tried to decipher what the housewife meant and their reactions are hilarious.

Karen Huger
Karen Huger | Charles Sykes/Bravo

What did Karen Huger say?

Huger took to Twitter to live-tweet during the RHOA Season 12 finale and gave a nice read. The Potomac star was seemingly referencing Yovanna Momplaisir who made an appearance on the Bravo reality series.

“Always look out for the thirsty wannabe come up,” Huger tweeted. “The hole they attempt to dig for you is the very HOLE they themselves will fall into. #CommonSense POWERFUL.”

Momplaisir appeared on RHOA and came in as a friend of Nene Leakes. This past season she was involved in the drama that was called “Snake Gate.” Momplaisir had told Leakes she had a recording of Cynthia Bailey where she was talking trash about her. However, in the end, it seems that Momplaisir made the whole thing up and no recording actually existed.

At the reunion, Momplaisir assured everyone that it was Leakes that put her up to record all of the ladies talking bad about her to expose them. No recordings were ever made and her explanation was confusing to not just the Housewives but the fans in general.

Fans react to Karen Huger’s tweet

When Huger tweeted out her message, fans quickly replied and had some funny reactions. Some were trying to decipher her tweet while others agreed with her posted words.

“Does this mean you’ve had to deal with some shady [people] trying to join/test out for RHOP?” a fan asked.

“You are above that,” a viewer replied. “You are the Michelle Obama of TV. Don’t fall down to their level, too much class for that.”

“Karen, who you shading, girl?” a Twitter user questioned.

“The queen of RHOP has spoken,” another fan tweeted. “I need you and Nene Leakes to do a cocktail and conversation on this tea.”

“Karen don’t F with people,” another viewer tweeted. “Anytime she puts out ‘words’ someone has done some won’t sh**, believe that.”

“Are you not too mature/old to worry about thirsty wannabe come ups? You have too many years of living and life experience for such people,” another Twitter user noted. “You don’t have to worry about women your age and the youngins, they could never catch up to you. This could be paranoia.”

Where is ‘RHOP’?

Fans of RHOP will have to wait longer for the show to premiere. The reality series was supposed to premiere on May 3 but was pushed back until the summer of 2020. It was the coronavirus pandemic that forced Bravo to reserve the fifth season for later in the year.

“It’s a smart decision,” Andy Cohen tweeted at a fan calling the decision “dumb.” ” The virus has shifted production schedules for all our shows. There are currently two great housewives series running. [I] would rather have fresh content later than none.”

As of now, Bravo has not revealed what the date of RHOP Season 5 premiere will be.

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