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The Real Housewives of Potomac is giving fans what they want and more in Season 7. As a sophomore this time around, Mia Thornton is a bit more settled into the social scene with the cast. She’s developing more of an understanding of her co-stars and forming closer bonds with them. One person she’s happy to have gotten to know better is Ashley Darby. Thornton says that amid Darby’s divorce from her longtime husband, she’s more fun to be around.

'RHOP' stars Mia Thornton and Ashley Darby smile at 2022 BravoCon; Thornton says she saw a different side of Darby in Season 7
(l-r) Mia Thornton, Ashley Darby | Eugene Gologursky/Bravo via Getty Images

Ashley Darby and Mia Thornton clashed in Season 6

Thornton joined the cast in Season 6, and the friendships amongst the group were already well-established. While she got along with Karen Huger and Gizelle Bryant, the same couldn’t be said for others. In a shocking twist, she’d clash with Darby.

While on a couples trip, Thornton’s husband Gordon joked about Darby falling asleep at many points throughout the day. She eventually confronted Gordan about it, asking him, “Gordon just wouldn’t let me sleep in the corner.” Confused, Gordon asks Darby, “What corner?” Darby claps back with, “On the bus, G. You got Alzheimer’s? What’s happening?” as shade at Gordon being an older man.

Thornton interjected, asking Darby, “Where’s your husband?” Darby responded, “At home with my children.” Thornton asked Darby, “Are you sure?” seemingly referencing constant rumors about Darby’s husband’s fidelity. The two eventually made amends. 

Mia Thornton says Ashley Darby is a different person in Season 7

Darby announced she and her husband Michael were separated and seemingly headed for divorce ahead of the Season 7 premiere. Since the split, fans and co-stars have noticed a change in Darby, and many believe she appears happier and freer. 

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‘RHOP’: Ashley Darby Admits She’s Hesitant to Finalize Divorce From Michael

As for Thornton, she doesn’t have an exact take on Darby’s relationship. “I don’t know Michael, so it’s hard for me to have an opinion, but Ashley doesn’t really talk about her divorce with Michael to me directly,” she told us in an interview. “I kind of hear it about and based off of what I’ve seen and based off of what people have told and shared with me, I mean, hello, when’s the divorce party?”

She says the version of Darby she hung out with this season versus last season are opposites. “I had the opportunity of meeting two different sides of her. When I first met Ashley, she was pregnant and boring. But now I’m meeting this amazing and free version of her, and I love it. It’s like, you’re fine. And I think she deserves a lot,” Thornton added.

Ashley Darby’s divorce has a lot of unanswered questions 

While many like this side of Darby, there’s confusion about the state of her marriage. She insists that before foiling divorce documents, they must be legally separated for a year where they live. However, they remain in the same household, and she admits she has hesitations about whether or not she’s making the right decision.

Darby also wants to purchase a larger home for her and her two children, but with Michael’s assistance. Her family and co-stars don’t think it’s a good option and another way for Michael to control her. As the season unfolds, Darby is coming to terms with the fact that Michael may be holding his financial power over her head.