‘RHOP’: Monique Samuels Addresses Hanging Out With Charrisse Jackson Jordan Following Paternity Rumors

Many fans began noticing that Monique Samuels hung out with Charrisse Jackson Jordan at Ashley Darby’s baby shower, which occurred months after Samuels claims she learned the ex-housewife “facilitated” rumors about her family. The podcast host addressed it at the Real Housewives of Potomac season 5 reunion and retweeted a thread explaining why she can “co-exist” with Jordan but felt hurt by Candiace Dillard.

Charrisse Jackson Jordan (L) and Monique Samuels (R) attends D.C. Emancipation Day at Freedom Plaza
Charrisse Jackson Jordan (L) and Monique Samuels (R) attends D.C. Emancipation Day at Freedom Plaza | Brian Stukes

Monique Samuels says Charrisse Jackson Jordan ‘facilitated’ rumors about her family

Following RHOP season 5 episode 2, Candiace Dillard broadcasted live on Instagram and revealed Charrisse Jackson Jordan conspired with co-stars Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon to bring a storyline onto the show involving Monique Samuels and her youngest child.

Samuels later went on Instagram Live with her husband and claimed she and Dillard were trying to work on their friendship when she found out about the plan from Karen Huger.

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The podcast host claims Dillard had knowledge of the situation and connected Gigi, Samuels’ former friend who spread reports about a trainer fathering Samuels’ youngest child, with Jordan.

According to the Not For Lazy Moms owner, the rumors claimed she terminated a pregnancy instead of having a miscarriage and that her baby belonged to a trainer, not her husband. Therefore, Samuels became upset when Bryant brought the storyline to the show and hurt when Dillard invited Jordan to her anniversary party without a heads-up.

Samuels on taking a picture with Jordan at Ashley Darby’s baby shower

During the season 5 reunion, Samuels spoke about the “plot” that upset her. She explained it’s been going on for the past two years and claimed her former friend is “spreading lies” to get on the show.

The podcast host also said Karen Huger called her and warned her about a dinner that happened after Ashley Darby’s baby shower in which the ladies conspired about how to bring the storyline to the series.

While Huger backed up Samuels’ story, Bryant insisted she never knew about the plot and that the former friend had a history of sharing the podcast host’s secrets.

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However, Samuels claims she heard the OG housewife explicitly stated that her youngest didn’t belong to her husband in a confessional, although it reportedly didn’t air.

Bryant denied making the statement, and executive producer Andy Cohen agreed. Cohen also noted that Samuels and Jordan took a picture together for Darby’s baby shower, which occurred after Samuels says she heard about the rumors.

The podcast host explained they never spoke and only stood next to each other for the picture.

Samuels retweeted a thread explaining why she ‘co-existed’ with Jordan

A day after part two of the reunion aired, Samuels quote tweeted a thread and claimed the user “nailed it” with their assessment. In the tweets, the viewer explained the podcast host had no problem “co-existing” with Jordan at the events she participated in with the other housewives.

However, they believe Samuels did not want to confront Jordan about the rumors because she tried to prevent giving the ex-housewife screen time.

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Additionally, the fan noted the Not For Lazy Moms owner likely felt hurt by Dillard inviting someone who spread rumors about her family because they were working on their friendship at the time.

The viewer closed the thread by explaining that’s “what set Monique off” as they believe things would have gone differently had Dillard given a heads-up. The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 9/8 Central on Bravo.