‘RHOP’: Monique Samuels Reveals Why She Will ‘Never’ Return to the Show

Women leave The Real Housewives franchise all of the time. Some of them leave for a season or two and then return in a different capacity and some never come back to the franchise. Former Real Housewives of Potomac star Monique Samuels is claiming that she will fall into the latter category.

Monique Samuels
Monique Samuels | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Monique Samuels exits ‘RHOP’

Samuels’ last season on RHOP included her having a physical altercation with her former friend, Candiace Dillard. Some fans felt host Andy Cohen was harsh on Samuels during the reunion with his line of questioning to her regarding the fight. After the reunion, Samuels revealed that she wouldn’t be coming back to The Real Housewives of Potomac.

“It was a crazy ride. It’s not easy doing reality TV, and to be quite honest, y’all, I’m over it,” she said on Instagram Live on December 27. “I appreciate everything that people have done for me. Everybody that’s been Team Monique, I love y’all, I thank y’all.”

Later, in an interview with All About the Tea, Samuels revealed that she wasn’t paid for some of the episodes she filmed last season.

“And I’m looking and I’m thinking the same thing about myself,” she said after noting how Nene Leakes had been phased out of episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta in the past. “I was in 16 out of the 19 episodes. I still filmed. I was still working. I did not get paid for three episodes. That’s money that I’m investing into my businesses that I thought was coming. I had to money to pay, I had overhead… and I’m like, ‘Wait, hold up. I just found out that I’m not getting paid for three episodes. Wait, we filmed this a year ago and I’m watching the season…and then I get [a] notice [that] I’m not getting paid for three episodes. I didn’t know that I wasn’t going to be in three episodes. I was still filming.”

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Monique Samuels is never coming back

While several housewives’ exits end up being more like short breaks than full-on departures, Samuels recently assured fans that she would not be returning to the franchise.

“I am not interested in that at all,” she told HollywoodLife. “I will never be back on that show because too much has happened and to me, if people were really genuine and they really feel any type of remorse as they try to hold me accountable at a time that I wasn’t ready. Some of these ladies have done some really nasty, disgusting things and I’ve not had one apology in my direction. My husband has not been apologized to.”

Part of the reason Samuels left the show was that she felt Cohen did not handle the reunion well.

“We don’t feel we were treated unfairly — We were treated unfairly,” Samuels said. “Without a shadow of a doubt, we were. If you could’ve heard some of the questions that weren’t shown, it was like guns a blazin’ in my direction.”

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The final straw for Samuels was the editing.

“The tip of the iceberg for me was that third part of the reunion!” she said. “When they asked me to come back I was like, ‘Oh, OK, well let me go ahead and come back and redeem myself and have a great season 6,’ and I had the intention and hopes that they would show what really happened for the last, final part of the reunion. And when that didn’t happen, I was like, ‘Wow. Why am I here exactly?’ I’m not here for the money. I’m here for the platform. I’m like, ‘This is just too much!’ The hate is real, so I was like, ‘You know what? I don’t have to deal with this, so I’m not.’