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Despite The Real Housewives of Potomac cast members and fans sometimes questioning the validity of Juan and Robyn Dixon’s relationship, Robyn is unphased. But what she is bothered by are Karen Huger’s accusations that Juan acted inappropriately with her. Robyn says such accusations can cause major damage to a person’s reputation, and also believes Karen is simply obsessed with Juan. 

Juan and Robyn Dixon
Juan Dixon and Robyn Dixon | Brian Stukes/Getty Images

Karen Huger makes shocking allegations about Juan Dixon

Robyn and Huger hurled accusations toward one another after a disagreement transpired over Robyn’s wedding date. Huger questioned when and if Robyn would actually walk down the aisle, considering she’d been engaged for nearly three years and had been on and off with Juan for decades.

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Huger became enraged after Robyn called her fake, and suggested that Robyn and Juan’s relationship was fake. In fact, Huger told Ashley Darby that Juan is dating another woman who he’s been seen with in public. She also claims the woman favors her. 

While at lunch with the cast, Huger alleged that Juan hit on her. “Juan proceeds to take me in his arms [and] squeeze me so tight my breasts went back to my vertebrae,” she told Robyn after claiming that Juan propositioned her for a threesome with him and Robyn. According to Huger, she didn’t reveal the information until then to “protect” Juan.

Robyn Dixon laughs off Karen Huger’s claim about Juan

The Reasonably Shady podcast co-host isn’t buying Huger’s story. She called Juan on the phone to divulge what Karen had told her. Juan was upset, threatening to curse the women out for making such allegations, and warning Robyn not to let the other women disrupt what they’d built together.

In a recent interview with Page Six, Robyn says Huger’s claims are so bogus that she ignored them completely. Furthermore, she considers Huger’s claims to be dangerous in a climate of #MeToo.

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“It’s not right that you can just go and throw out an accusation like that and not be careful with what you’re saying,” she says. “You’re going to tell me you’re going to wait over years to bring it up as it was such a big deal? No, if it was such a big deal, tell me then, and I’ll tell him, ‘Listen, the woman is fragile. She cannot handle your firm hugs.’” 

Robyn also says Karen doesn’t know how to handle a man being genuinely nice to her. “She sounded like she’s been sheltered all her life and has never had a friendly interaction with a man,” Robyn added. “I just brushed that off [at the time].”

The ‘RHOP’ star says Karen Huger is obsessed with Juan  

With all of Huger’s constant badgering about Robyn and Juan’s relationship, Robyn says Huger is clearly infatuated. “At this point, I just think that she might be a little obsessed with Juan or something — I don’t know!” she says. “It’s just … it’s really weird to me, you know? Especially coming from someone of her maturity.” She added: “For it to come from her, where it’s just, like, she’s so pressed about what we’re doing, this is very strange.”