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There’s major trouble for The Real Housewives of Potomac star Robyn Dixon’s ex-husband turned fiancé. Juan Dixon has been Robyn’s focal storyline since Season 1, as their unconventional love story has baffled her co-stars and viewers. But now, his real job may be in jeopardy as he was recently named in a shocking sexual assault and blackmail lawsuit. 

Robyn Dixon and Juan Dixon smile and chat; Juan is named in a sexual assault and blackmail lawsuit
(L-R) Robyn Dixon and Juan Dixon | Brian Stukes/Getty Images

Former basketball player sues Coppin State

A report from Baltimore Brew reveals that Coppin State Assistant Coach Lucian Brownlee has been accused of catfishing a former player named Ibn Willaims. Williams says the ordeal began during his freshman year of college in 2018 when a girl who was romantically interested in him messaged him online. Things took a turn when the person behind the account asked for sexual content and threatened to release previous content sent if he didn’t oblige. He continued to do as asked out of fear that the images and messages would leak and damage his reputation.

Source: YouTube

Williams says Brownlee told him that he sent the same person sexual content when Williams confided in him about it. The person blackmailing Williams later requested a video of him and Brownlee engaging in sexual acts. He gave in to the request. In 2020, Williams stopped responding to the blackmailer, which led to the explicit content being shared with basketball staff, teammates, faculty, and on social media. He later discovered that the blackmailer was Brownlee.

Juan Dixon named in sexual assault lawsuit

Dixon was hired as the Head Basketball Coach in 2017. He is a former University of Maryland standout and NBA player, who played in the professional league from 2002-2009. Dixon was drafted by the Washington Wizards. He also played with the Chicago Bulls, Portland Trailblazers, Atlanta Hawks, Detroit Pistons, Toronto Raptures, Boston Celtics, and eventually overseas in Spain and Turkey. His professional career ended shortly after being found guilty of steroid usage.

Dixon is named in the complaint. Williams accuses him of allegedly failing to take action when informed of Brownlee’s actions. Per the complaint, Dixon was aware of past issues Brownlee had, reportedly admitting to Brownlee having mental issues. 

“The coach should have known better than to put this person in a position of seniority.” Williams’ attorney states in the suit. Brownlee appears to no longer be working for the University.

What happened to the student

Instead of firing Brownlee, the University terminated Williams’ housing and financial aid, forcing him to have to figure out other plans for living arrangements and his education. He eventually completed the semester by working remotely before transferring to another school to complete his degree.

Source: YouTube

Dixon has not publicly commented on the allegations or lawsuit. He seldom appears on RHOP throughout the seasons and has only attended one reunion special, with Robyn citing conflicts with his coaching job. 

Whether or not this will impact his employment with the university has yet to be determined. But it’ll sure make a good storyline for Robyn in Season 8.