‘RHOP’: Take a Look Inside Gizelle Bryant’s West Wing of Her New Home

Gizelle Bryant’s potential forever home is nearly complete. Bryant purchased the fixer-upper in 2019. After remodeling the kitchen, she finally got to work on her west wing. The Real Housewives of Potomac star says the best part of the wing is her custom glam room.

Gizelle Bryant
Gizelle Bryant 2019 | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Gizelle Bryant’s purchased a new home during season 4 of ‘RHOP’

Bryant’s new home cost her around $900,000. “My offer was accepted on my house. How you doing?! We landed on a little more than [$900,000] — I saved. And you know I like to keep all of my coins,” she shared with Bravo TV in 2019.

But saving money meant spending elsewhere. The house turned out to be a fixer-upper and Bryant revealed plans of a complete renovation. Originally, the home featured a brick exterior with a cozy cottage appeal, surrounded by tons of greenery. One of the things she planned to keep from the initial build of the home is the fireplace. 

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Bryant estimated that she’d have at least six or seven bedrooms by the time renovations were complete. Of course, everything would be custom to her liking.

In 2020, Bryant let Bravo cameras into her new home for a sneak peek, showing off her newly renovated kitchen. The new kitchen is black and white. She knocked down walls to expand the space. In addition to a large chandelier, the kitchen has modern appliances, high cabinets, and an island.

The reality star has a ‘west-wing’ of her newly renovated home

Part of Bryant’s expansion plan is a “west-wing” intended solely for her. Bryant’s blueprint revealed two levels that includes a master bedroom, master bathroom, balcony, and glam room.

Construction on her west wing was delayed amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But recently, Bryant happily showed off the completion to Bravo TV, noting there are some finishing touches that have to be added.

“I still got more like knick knacks and things to get,” Bryant said of her bedroom. “But pretty much, this is what it’s looking like. I’m going to get another little sofa over there [for the sitting area].”

The bedroom has silver and gold accents, as well as a large crystal chandelier.

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Bryant’s bathroom marble was custom made in Italy, which she says took three to four months to ship due to the pandemic. She loves the high ceilings in the bathroom, which was an original feature of the home.

Her favorite part of her west wing is upstairs, with Bryant noting, “Once I go upstairs, I never want to leave.”

Bryant’s second-floor glam room is what she calls “spectacular, spectacular, and a couple of curse words.”

The room features pink lighting surrounding the vanity. “My hairstylist comes in, my makeup artist comes in [and] they have plenty of room up in here,” she boasts.”

An island with drawers sits in the middle of the glam room as a division between her vanity and wardrobe. Her wigs are also on display.

Season 6 of RHOP is set to premiere in May.