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RHOP’s Gizelle Bryant is ignoring any criticism of her rekindling her relationship with her ex-husband, Jamal Bryant. Many fans find their relationship concerning, considering Gizelle has been open about Jamal’s cheating past. There’s also the rumor that Jamal and another Bravo housewife, Phaedra Paskrs, dated for a period of time. But according to Gizelle, Parks’ potential relationship with Jamal is the furthest thing from her mind.

Gizelle Bryant, Jamal Bryant, Phaedra Parks
Gizelle Bryant, Jamal Bryant, Phaedra Parks via Twitter

Rumors about Jamal Bryant dating Phaedra Parks

Word about Parks allegedly dating Bryant began circulating in 2017. According to a report from Celebrity Insider, the man Parks was referring to as “Mr. Chocolate” during her final season on RHOA is Bryant. 

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Kandi Burruss let it slip that Parks was texting another man while Parks’ husband was heading to prison. Parks admits that she was in communication with another man, saying he was comforting her during a “tumultuous” time. Parks did not name the man.

A source claiming to be a one time friend of Parks says Parks did not make Bryant a secret. But Bryant seemed to deny the rumors.

In a Facebook post, Bryant writes, “I’ve only been involved in a relationship with one tv personality and we were married…we should focus on healthcare #finalstatement,” the Pastor and community activist insisted.

Gizelle Bryant and Jamal Bryant rekindle their relationship

Gizelle confirmed that she and Jamal were dating again during the season 4 reunion of RHOP. The season followed her breakup with an ex and her journey to self-healing through therapy. But the season’s end, she was head over heels in love again with Jamal.

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Considering Jamal’s infidelity throughout their marriage, Andy Cohen was surprised at Gizelle giving Jamal another chance, but Gizelle says everyone is capable of change.

“You know, I look back, and I just feel like nobody is what their mistakes are,” she says. “And I feel like he’s a different person, I’m a different person. So we are baby-stepping, but we are moving into the direction that we want to move into.”

Gizelle Bryant says Jamal Bryant never dated Phaedra Parks

When Jamal and Gizelle reconciled, Gizelle spoke of the rumors of Jamal and Phaedra dating. While speaking with Cohen on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, Gizelle tells Cohen, “I thought it was funny – He [Jamal] denied it, and I’m cool with that.”

In a new interview with Claudia Jordan on her FOX Soul talk show Out Loud, Gizelle doubles down on her belief that Jamal and Parks were never an item.

“As far as the rumors are concerned, he has told me that it is not true so I’m gonna stick to what the man said,” she says.
Source: Instagram

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Gizelle and Jordan even shade Parks a bit over Parks now dating Jordan’s ex, actor Medina Islam.

Parks isn’t responding to any of the chatter about her and Jamal. The two do have dozens of mutual friends as they are both heavily involved in social activism. Jamal also lives and works in Atlanta full time now as he is the pastor of a megachurch in the area. 

Regardless, Gizelle isn’t worried, telling Jordan, “Hey, it’s over now cause Gizelle is back!”

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