‘RHOP’: Wendy Osefo Gets Trolled by Netflix After Asking for Movie Suggestions

The newest addition to The Real Housewives of Potomac, Dr. Wendy Osefo, made a splash during her first season of the established series. One of her most memorable moments, excluding her unforgettable reaction to Monique Samuels’ bird, T’Challa, taking off over her head, included her “slither,” or “saunter,” as she referred to it. Streaming giant Netflix also apparently heard of the joke and trolled her about it when she asked for movie and television show suggestions.

'Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen' -- Episode 17207 -- Pictured in this screen grab: Dr. Wendy Osefo
‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen’ — Episode 17207 — Pictured in this screen grab: Dr. Wendy Osefo | Bravo

Wendy Osefo the newest addition to ‘RHOP’

Introduced by Candiace Dillard, Nigerian political commentator and professor Dr. Wendy Osefo joined the fifth season of The Real Housewives of Potomac.

She clicked with the other housewives reasonably quickly, except for Karen Huger. According to Osefo, the two previously knew each other because they served on a board together.

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However, the Grand Dame insisted she didn’t know the newest housewife and seemingly gave her a hard time. Even though she and Monique Samuels got off to a great start, Osefo sided with Dillard following their physical altercation.

According to her, she felt Samuels should have taken more accountability. The newest housewife also opened up about her strained relationship with her family-in-law and desire to appease her mother.

Karen Huger and other ladies made fun of Osefo’s ‘slither’

During one of Osefo’s events, Huger pulled Dillard to the side to explain her “neutral” position in her and Samuels’ disagreement. While they spoke, Osefo came down the stairs, similar to a “slither,” according to Huger, and interrupted the conversation so it wouldn’t escalate.

However, many fans, including the Grand Dame, felt she came across as nosy and forcing Huger to pick a side. The OG housewife relayed the situation to the Green-Eyed Bandits Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon, and seemingly mocked Osefo’s “slither,” who referred to it as a “saunter.”

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After hearing about it, exaggeratedly, from Bryant, Osefo confronted the Grand Dame. The ladies got into a back-and-forth until Huger ended the conversation by recreating her walk out of the door and encouraging the other ladies to follow suit, who did.

Additionally, host Andy Cohen, and the housewives, exited the season 5 reunion by re-enacting the walk.

Netflix trolls Osefo and her ‘slither’

A few months after the season concluded, Osefo tweeted her followers, asking for Netflix-based shows and movie recommendations, and tagged the streaming giant in her Feb. 2021 tweet.

The verified Netflix account responded, suggesting French mystery show Lupin, drama series Firefly Lane, and the first three seasons of NBC comedy-drama, Good Girls.

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Additionally, the account trolled the newest housewife’s infamous walk, including, they don’t have 2006 black comedy horror Slither in their library but suggested “creepy” film, Death of Me. Osefo quote tweeted it, adding, “Y’all! Even Netflix knows about the Wendy slither” with a couple of laughing emojis.

Several followers responded, wondering how the person operating the streaming giant’s Twitter knew about the walk, and the account replied, “it’s taking over the world!” Osefo and the other housewives, excluding Samuels, are all likely returning for season 6.