‘RHOSLC’: Brooks Marks Breaks Silence, Shares Thoughts on Jen Shah’s Fraud Charges

Brooks Marks was one of the kids featured on Watch What Happens Live special devoted to “The Real Housekids of Bravo.” As you may know, Brooks is featured on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City being the son of housewife Meredith Marks. When he appeared on the late-night show, Andy Cohen asked him about the legal drama surrounding Jen Shah.

Jen Shah in a scene from 'RHOSLC' Season 1
Jen Shah | Gabe Ginsberg/Bravo

What did Brooks Marks say about Jen Shah?

Fans of RHOSLC know that Brooks had a low-key feud with Shah on the show. Brooks didn’t take to Shah’s liking for being a little over-the-top and allegedly flashing him during one of the episodes. The two had been trading jabs back and forth on social media throughout the season.

That is why when Brooks appeared on WWHL, fans couldn’t resist asking him for his thoughts on Shah’s arrest. Cohen said it was the top question viewers wanted to know.

“Yeah, well, I feel absolutely terrible for her kids, particularly, and the stuff she is being accused of is seriously horrific,” Marks said.

Cohen then asked Gia Giudice about how she’s handled the legal drama her own parents were in the middle of and the negativity surrounding that.

“I’ve just learned to not focus on the negativity and just know your parents for who they are because anything can happen every day,” she said. “You just need to enjoy every moment because negativity has been a very big part of my family’s life.”

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What is Jen Shah being accused of?

Brooks was right about the dilemma Shah is involved in and saying it is horrific. The RHOSLC house was arrested on fraud charges which could see her face many decades behind bars if found guilty. Shah and her assistant Stuart Smith were allegedly involved in a telemarketing scheme that targeted older people.

Both Shah and Smith “are each charged with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with telemarketing through which they victimized 10 or more persons over the age of 55, which carries a maximum sentence of 30 years, and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years,” the press release statement read.

It will be in October of this year when Shah’s trial starts and her opportunity to defend herself from these charges.

Jen Shah in promo photo for 'RHOSLC' Season 1
Jen Shah | Chad Kirkland/Bravo

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Brooks Marks had seemingly shaded Jen Shah after arrest

The reason fans wanted to get Brooks on the record about his thoughts on Shah’s arrest was that he had seemingly shaded her before. After it became public knowledge that Shah had been indicted, Brooks shared a video where he is seen lip-syncing to a Nicki Minaj song.

“She threw dirt on my name, ended up at her own burial,” Minaj is heard rapping as Brooks moves his lips.

Brooks took down the video but not before someone had shared it on their own Instagram profile. Meredith came to her son’s defense saying that he was not shading Shah.

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“Not sure what you are all interpreting here but there are no hidden meanings on his posts,” Meredith replied. “He is simply lip-syncing to one of his favorite artists. Take it at face value rather than reading into it.”

Despite Meredith’s best efforts into trying to prove that Brooks was not throwing shade at Shah, fans did not agree.