RHOSLC: Who Is Jen Shah’s Former Employee Who She ‘Verbally Assaulted’?

The drama doesn’t seem to end for Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah. Not only is she in the midst of a legal battle where she’s accused of wire fraud and money laundering, but now the RHOSLC star is accused of “verbally assaulting” one of her employees. Here’s the latest regarding all of Jen Shah’s troubles.

Jen Shah, seen here in a black dress, was recently accused of verbally abusing an employee on RHOSLC.
Jen Shah | Photo by: Andrew Peterson/Bravo

RHOSLC star Jen Shah is accused of wire fraud and money laundering

In August of 2021, Jen Shah was indicted for her alleged role in a long-time telemarketing scheme. The news shocked some RHOSLC fans as Jen now faces up to 50 years in prison for the crimes. However, others wondered why she needed so many assistants for her job, which many were already unclear about. 

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 2 opener includes a clip of someone warning Jen about her impending arrest. She quickly vacated the party bus she was in as she was about to leave on a road trip with the show’s other stars. Much of this current season revolves around the accusations and who, if anyone, tipped off the federal agents about Jen’s activities.

Jen shows up to a photoshoot for Lisa Barlow’s son’s Fresh Wolf brand in the latest episode. Lisa asks her if she wants to talk about an employee whose name the show censors. An employee accused Jen of verbal abuse for not meeting her demands regarding a dress she ordered. However, both sides blame the other. 

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Who is the former employee Jen Shah ‘verbally abused?’

Heather Gay, Meredith Brooks, Whitney Rose, Jennie Nguyen, and Mary Cosby, who also star on RHOSLC, give various details of the audio leaked by an unknown source on Instagram. The employee, whose name we now know is Koa Johnson, is the man in question. He’s responsible for the design of the gown Jen wore to the reunion for The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 1. However, things have clearly soured between the two.

Johnson denies leaking the audio, and the post has now been removed. Johnson, however, did release his own statement on Instagram, but that has also been removed. Page 6 obtained a copy of it, though, and it reads as follows:

“1. I was brought to Utah to design custom couture and gowns for Jen Shah,” Johnson wrote. “2. In the ten months I spent working, I have been verbally assaulted, I had to work all hours, through the night, mostly unpaid. 3. I had to tip toe around a hostile work environment in an attempt to preserve my mental health and well-being. 4. The last payment that I received from my previous employer was in September even though I continued working through January. I don’t know who released the audio, but I’m glad they did because now I feel like I can finally speak about my experience. I’ve been protecting this woman for way too long.”

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Is there more drama in store for Jen Shah in ‘RHOSLC’ Season 2?

Jen made big waves with fans during her appearance throughout RHOSCL Season 1. She often threw temper tantrums over various issues. Whether her recent legal troubles will calm her temper on screen remains to be seen. You can catch new episodes of The Real Housewives of Salt Lack City on Bravo on Sunday nights.