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The season finale of Rick and Morty Season 5 left fans shocked to realize how powerful Evil Morty can be. The character’s backstory is quite complex. It was interwoven into the fabric of many problems for Rick and Morty in the seasons. After the fifth season’s finale, fans still question just how much control Evil Morty had. Some speculate he kickstarted the entire series starting with the murder of Rick C-137’s family.

Evil Morty in 'Rick and Morty' Season 5 finale wearing eye patch.
Evil Morty in ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 5 finale | via Adult Swim

Evil Morty had the ultimate control in the series

While the Rick Sanchez fans follow in the series is supposedly the smartest in the universe, he found his match with Evil Morty. Many believed Evil Morty was following the same storyline pattern as any other regarding Evil Rick.

But in “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind,” fans’ minds were blown. Evil Rick and his “Evil” Morty kidnapped and murdered other versions of themselves. He blamed Rick C-137. When Rick finds his lair hidden away from the Citadel, Evil Rick explains he plans to copy Rick’s brain and kill him. By the end, the imprisoned Mortys breaks free and murder Evil Rick.

The episode revealed a startling truth. Someone was remotely controlling Evil Rick. As Evil Morty blends in with the others to escape, he takes off his eye patch and reveals he was controlling Rick. Sometime later, Evil Morty returns in “The Ricklantis Mixup” and created a new alias as a candidate for the presidency of the Citadel.

Evil Morty keeps his dirty deeds secret and wins. In the Rick and Morty Season 5 finale, fans learn Evil Morty planned everything from the start to escape the  Central Finite Curve. He wants to live an existence where Rick is not the center of the universe.

Theories suggest Evil Morty causes the death of Beth and Diane

In “Rickmurai Jack,” Morty learns how Rick is involved with the Citadel. A portal opens, and someone drops a bomb, killing a young Beth and Rick C-137’s wife. Hellbent on revenge, Rick creates the portal gun and travels the universe looking for the Rick reasonable and kills many. After never finding the killer, Rick loses hope and is persuaded to create the Citadel of Ricks.

Many can say if Rick’s family had never died, he would have never invented the portal gun, fluid, and the series of events that follow. Some fans theorized that Evil Morty might have been the killer.

“So it would make sense for Evil Morty to have been the one who killed Rick’s family as he 1) has the ethics to do so, 2) the power to orchestrate this if it is possible for him to do so, 3) has not until recently been perceived as a true threat by Rick,” said a fan on Reddit.

Evil Morty has proved he is smarter than all other versions of himself and possibly more than Rick C-137. He is perfectly manipulative and conniving to orchestrate a plan from the start. For Evil Morty to ever escape the Curve, he needed Rick to transform into who fans know now after the murder.

“If time travel is involved, it would make sense that Evil Morty would want to set in motion the events that created the curve in the first place. It’s possible that his existence or endgame relies on it,” said a fan.

The machine Evil Morty uses in exists because of current Rick


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There are some hiccups in the theory. One fan on Reddit comments the portal that drops the bomb that kills young Beth, and her mother was green. In the Rick and Morty Season 5 finale, Evil Morty’s portal is yellow. It’s a small discrepancy, but it can be overlooked in the grander scope of the theory.

It could simply be that Evil Morty used the original portal gun to set the plan in motion at some point in his universe. Fans also never see who dropped the bomb. The theory suggests he needed to create Rick C-137’s backstory.

“Unless he needs a rickest of ricks to start the ball rolling. 137 is unique in that he lost his family before he could grow tired of them. That might be what makes him the strongest,” said one fan.

Looking at the finale, Evil Morty escapes the Curve using modified portal technology. Using a hijacked Operation Phoenix, Evil Morty murders countless Rick and Mortys to power the Dimensional Drive. Operation Phoenix would have never existed without Rick C-137. The dimensional rift punched through the Central Finite Curve’s barrier, allowed Evil Morty to escape, and used a yellow fluid portal gun.