‘The Rings of Power’: Every Clue That Halbrand Is Sauron (So Far)

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is nearing the end of its first season on Prime Video, but the series has yet to reveal the whereabouts of Sauron — despite the looming threat of his return. Many fans believe the Dark Lord is hiding in plain sight, and there are numerous clues that Galadriel’s (Morfydd Clark) new companion could be him. The Rings of Power theory that Halbrand (Charlie Vickers) is Sauron continues to accumulate evidence every week. Here’s every clue that Halbrand is Sauron so far.

Halbrand’s 1st words to Galadriel are foreboding and true of Sauron

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Halbrand’s first appearance in The Rings of Power makes him suspicious from the jump, as he tells Galadriel that “appearances can be deceptive” — a foreboding sentiment that rings true of Sauron. After all, the Lord of the Rings villain is known for his shape-shifting abilities. He’s the embodiment of Halbrand’s statement, and it can’t be a coincidence that Halbrand says something this dubious early on.

Not long after, Halbrand also proves he’s self-serving, saving his own skin as his companions get killed by a sea worm. With such a rough entrance, it’s no wonder so many The Rings of Power fans believe Halbrand is Sauron. And there’s more evidence where that came from.

‘The Rings of Power’ revealed that Halbrand has a dark past and temper

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After Galadriel and Halbrand make their way to the island kingdom of Númenor, fans get to know the latter character better. And two things immediately become apparent. One, Halbrand is running from something, and two, he has a temper worthy of Sauron.

The Rings of Power later reveals that Halbrand is the lost king of the Southlands, but it’s unclear why he was running away from his home and people. He’s reluctant to return to them, and he never directly tells Galadriel about his time as king. In fact, he says he took his crest from “a dead man,” raising questions about whether the real Halbrand’s identity was hijacked by Sauron.

Additionally, The Rings of Power proves Halbrand’s temper is on par with Sauron’s. He gets into a brawl with several men from Númenor, and he leaves them in bad shape. Halbrand seems well aware of his anger issue, and he tries his best to avoid confrontation. Of course, that would make a repentant Sauron reveal all the more interesting.

Halbrand is way too interested in Númenor’s Forge

Upon his arrival in Númenor, Halbrand seems concerned with one thing and one thing only: working at the Forge. And knowing Sauron’s interest in forging the Rings of Power, it seems feels like quite a coincidence that Halbrand is so taken by this particular profession. The Amazon series makes a point of highlighting this fact, adding more fuel to the theory that Halbrand is actually Sauron.

Season 1 may not be the last time he attempts to get into Númenor’s Forge, either. If he keeps pushing for entry, we’ll know there’s more to his story than first meets the eye.

Halbrand whispering in Ar-Pharazôn’s ear may be foreshadowing

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s writings, Ar-Pharazôn (Trystan Gravelle) becomes corrupted by Sauron, who influences his decisions as he serves as an advisor in Númenor. In The Rings of Power Episode 4, Halbrand whispers advice in Ar-Pharazôn’s ear as Galadriel escapes her prison. And this minor detail could foreshadow that Halbrand will later shape Ar-Pharazôn’s decisions in a different, darker way.

Gil-galad’s prophecy makes sense if Halbrand is Sauron

Charlie Vickers as Halbrand in 'The Rings of Power' for our list of evidence that he is Sauron. He's holding a mug and smiling in the image.
Charlie Vickers as Halbrand | Matt Grace/Prime Video

In addition to his worrisome behavior, Halbrand as Sauron makes sense after Gil-galad’s (Benjamin Walker) prophecy in The Rings of Power Episode 1.

The High King tells Galadriel that remaining in Middle-earth could increase the risk of darkness returning. And with Galadriel bringing Halbrand to Númenor — and connecting him to a number of powerful people — her actions would directly lead to his rise to power.

Of course, Galadriel typically wouldn’t fall for such deception, but The Rings of Power makes a point of highlighting her own darkness. If she sees herself in Halbrand, it’s less likely she’ll notice the obvious red flags sitting right in front of her.

Adar claims he killed Sauron, and Halbrand hates Adar

The Rings of Power Episode 6 sees Halbrand returning to the Southlands, and he and Galadriel capture the Orcs’ leader, Adar (Joseph Mawle). When Halbrand sees Adar, he nearly kills him. And although Adar doesn’t recognize Halbrand, the Uruk clearly did something to offend the king of the Southlands.

Later, Adar tells Galadriel that he killed Sauron, an interesting admission given Halbrand’s reaction to seeing him. It seems possible that Halbrand’s anger stems from Adar’s last encounter with Sauron. And if Halbrand is Sauron in a different body, Adar would have no way of realizing that — hence why he didn’t know who he was.

Adar also outright asks Halbrand who he is in The Rings of Power Episode 6, with the show emphasizing that the character still has secrets. We’ll have to keep watching to see if they truly point to him being Sauron. The evidence is certainly there — and it would prove a devastating blow for the characters and fans who have grown to love him.

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