Rita Moreno’s Marlon Brando Relationship Fizzled After Finding Random Lingerie in His House

Infidelity is a leading cause for the end of romantic relationships for celebrities and everyday people alike. The difference for celebrities is that these indiscretions often become fodder for headlines and fan speculation.

The lack of privacy and the constant speculation over whether or not a person is being faithful can add extra pressure to celebrity relationships

Rita Moreno recently opened up about her life in the spotlight and made it clear that these kinds of issues didn’t come into the picture with the rise of social media and the internet’s ever-present slate of celebrity gossip. She was in a relationship with Marlon Brando in the 1950s, and suspected infidelity was the downfall of their time together. 

Rita Moreno rose to fame as Anita in ‘West Side Story’

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Moreno was born in 1931 in Puerto Rico. She got an early start in show business, appearing on Broadway when she was in her early teens.

As Biography.com reports, she was a trailblazer who broke ground for Latinx people in entertainment. In 1961, she landed the role that would go on to define the rest of her career. 

Playing Anita in West Side Story helped launch Moreno into fame. The film showcased her wide range of talents that included singing, dancing, and acting. She once again made history by becoming the first Latina to win Best Supporting Actress for her role in the musical.

It certainly wouldn’t be the only award that Moreno would earn. In fact, she is one of the few entertainers who has managed to achieve EGOT status

She received a Grammy for her work with The Electric Company in 1972, a Tony for her work in The Ritz in 1975, and Emmy Awards in 1977 and 1978. 

Rita Moreno had high-profile romances before a long marriage

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Moreno’s personal life was marked with some high-profile relationships. Notably, she was in a passionate relationship with Marlon Brando, the two-time Academy Award winner who was a staple in 20th century cinema.

Long before he became known for his iconic role in The Godfather, Brando dated Moreno. She also famously dated Elvis Presley at the height of his fame. 

When it came to long-term love, however, Moreno’s longest relationship was with someone who didn’t turn quite so many heads. She married cardiologist Leonard Gordon, a man who would go on to serve as Moreno’s manager. They wed in 1965 and had one daughter, and they remained married until Gordon’s death in 2010. 

Rita Moreno spilled about the downfall of her relationship with Brando

Rita Moreno onstage during the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine Auditorium on January 18, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.
Rita Moreno | Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Moreno is now 89 years old and still working hard. Her role in the successful reboot of One Day at a Time has gotten her renewed attention from a whole new generation of fans, and she did a recent interview with Esquire that reflected back on her long life in the spotlight. 

One of the things Moreno opened up about was her time with Brando. She called the relationship “extremely sensual” but admitted that she was searching for love that she’d never get: “Marlon was the classic example of looking for acceptance from someone who is incapable of giving it.”

She also admitted that her brief fling with Elvis Presley was something of a payback for Brando’s infidelity. 

“I found somebody’s lingerie in Marlon’s house one time, and I was just devastated. Literally the next day, I get a phone call,” Moreno remembered.

That call was Presley’s agent letting Moreno know that the music star “liked what he saw” when he got a glimpse at her. She decided to pursue it, and Brando was not pleased.

“Marlon found out about it, and boy, was he upset. Mind you, he’s the one who had the ladies’ underwear at his house. He got insanely angry. He was throwing chairs, and it was wonderful,” Moreno explained.