‘Riverdale’ Fans Want Veronica to Get Over Her ‘Daddy Issues’ Already

For four seasons, Riverdale fans have been watching Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes) and her father Hiram (Mark Consuelos) fight and makeup. But knowing that the show is taking a five-year time jump next season, many fans want to see Veronica grow out of daddy issues and get more meaningful storylines. 

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Veronica’s history with Hiram on ‘Riverdale’

Hiram has always been the big bad of Riverdale. And even with the mayhem caused by the Gargoyle King and the Black Hood, he manages to maintain his spot as the town’s biggest villain. But of course, keeping an eye on Hiram’s every move is his sharp, and equally tough daughter, Veronica. 

Throughout the first four seasons, Veronica has battled her father for her relationship with Archie (KJ Apa) on several occasions. And in Season 3, after Hiram frames Archie for murder, Veronica works tirelessly to undo her father’s plot and get her boyfriend out of jail.

She also fights him about her life choices, including where she should go to college and what career path she should choose. And in Season 4, she vows to tank Hiram’s rum business by starting her own. 

Veronica’s plot points always revolve around her dad

On Riverdale, Archie has gone to jail, he’s been in a fight club, and tried to become a singer. Betty (Lili Reinhart) has been accused of murder, taken down a cult, and revealed her evil alter-ego. Jughead (Cole Sprouse) has dealt with poverty, gang life, changed schools multiple times, and faked his own death.

And while Veronica does run her own speakeasy, and did find a new secret sister this season, most of her storylines seem to revolve around either Archie or Hiram. And when Archie is off on his exciting adventures, like getting framed or secretly making out with Betty, Veronica is left trying to one-up her dad.

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‘Riverdale’ fans want Veronica to get over her ‘daddy issues’ in Season 5

Some Riverdale fans just don’t want to see Veronica fight with Hiram anymore. And they’re ready to see her story go in a different, more interesting direction. 

“Veronica’s character is completely wasted in this show,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “Now they’re trying to bring back the whole ‘Hiram lying back to his old ways’ sh*te. The storyline has been done SO MANY TIMES ITS TIME TO MOVE ON.”

“If anything this is my one gripe with the writers when it comes to Veronica,” another Redditor added. “She could have been a great character but after season one it became apparent that Hiram was going to be a central plot device for her character. With Hiram out of the picture Veronica could probably get an actual plot that revolves solely on her.”

One fan pointed out that Veronica was much more interesting in the first season. “Honestly, I used to love V (Veronica) in season 1,” the Reddit user wrote. “But since then, her only traits are: Archie’s girlfriend, Severe Daddy issues (number one being that she uses the term daddy) that have apparently reached a point of incestual love, Betty’s best [sic] friend.”

Hopefully, with Season 5 taking a major time jump, Veronica will grow out of her feud with Hiram. Because from the looks of it, fans would rather see her move on to bigger and better things.