‘Riverdale’ Teases ‘Jughead’s Time Police’ Comic Book Storyline

Longtime Riverdale viewers have seen Archie Andrews and the gang deal with Jason Blossom’s murder, square off against the Gargoyle King, outsmart a serial killer, and spend a season trying to undo a cult with supernatural powers.

There have been gang wars, jingle jangle wars, parent versus child wars, and that’s only the tip of the town’s iceberg. In the midst of all that drama, the crew navigated everyday teen angst, love triangles, and family heartache (or dysfunction).

Fans are used to the shocking, weird, and ridiculous, but are they ready to invest in Jughead’s new story arc? It’s unclear if it’s true, but Riverdale boss Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa left a clue about Jughead’s Time Police comic book series.  

Cole Sprouse of 'Riverdale'
Cole Sprouse at ‘Riverdale’ panel for Comic-Con International 2018 | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

‘Riverdale’ Season 5 is already in the future

This serves as a gentle reminder that along with the core four in Archie’s world, Kevin, Toni, Cheryl, and Fangs are back in Riverdale post-graduation. Seven years in the future, they’re teaching at their old alma mater and trying to clean up the town while battling Hiram Lodge.

But each character has their own personal subplot. Veronica has marital issues with her husband Chad. Betty is on thin ice with her FBI gig. Jughead is on the run from debtors who have already paid a visit to Riverdale to find him.

Toni is pregnant. Cheryl is secretive and committed to construction on her family estate. And Archie has unresolved feelings for Betty and unresolved issues in several other areas.

Right now, the focus is on taking down Hiram.

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Riverdale showrunner posts about ‘Jughead’s Time Police’

When it comes to Riverdale, the show has gone off in many directions, and it has room to venture off into many more. But how about aliens?

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa posted a reminder to watch Riverdale on March 10 using a photo of Jughead in someone’s high beams.

He captioned it with, “An all-new episode of “Jughead’s Time Police” (aka #Riverdale) airs this Wednesday on @thecw at 8PM. 🍔🚀💥👀⏰🎢☠️” Is this a tease?

The Time Police angle is something that’s been discussed in fan circles, but is Aguirre-Sacasa winking at fans with a joke or will there be a plot from the comic book tangent?

What is ‘Jughead’s Time Police’?

Jughead is one of many characters in the Archieverse to land his own comic book line. Jughead’s Time Police kicked off when he was banned from the town’s baking contest for accidentally poisoning the judges. (He used fish oil as a pie ingredient).

To correct his mistake, Jughead created a time machine and encountered beings from the past and future in his traveling adventures. Humans, aliens, vampires, burgers, and others are among those who show up in the comic book series that centers on him trying to prevent a war among timelines.

In another version of the sci-fi stories, Jughead’s beanie endowed him with the ability to travel across dimensions. Food, close calls, and revelations always play a role.

Riverdale has taken audiences down many roads, and if there’s truly a Time Police connection coming up, everyone will be along for the ride. Check out Riverdale each Wednesday on The CW at 8 p.m. EST.