‘Riverdale’: Fans Think These Villains Are Behind the Voyeuristic Porch Tapes

Season 4 of Riverdale has featured a variety of mysterious videotapes. From homemade sex tapes to the chilling, unmarked tapes that contain hours of footage of the exterior of Riverdale residents’ homes, VHS tapes are at the center of the mystery this season. 

Fans are wondering who could be behind the creepy porch videos, but more importantly — what is the purpose behind sending the tapes? Here’s who Riverdale fans think could be behind the mysterious tapes and why.

Riverdale VHS tape mystery
Cole Sprouse – Riverdale | Dean Buscher /The CW

A ‘Riverdale’ Season 4 recap 

This season of Riverdale has featured plenty of drama — including a secret affair between Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Archie (KJ Apa). Bughead fans aren’t pleased, especially after Jughead (Cole Sprouse) went through the traumatic experience of faking his death to discredit the Stonewall Prep gang. 

Regardless of what happened in the past, Jughead has shifted his focused to figuring out who is behind the porch tapes. Throughout the season, it was built up that someone in Riverdale was watching and recording the goings-on of the town’s residents. Now, Jughead is in possession of a tape that recreated the night he was “killed” by Betty in the woods, and he’s determined to find out who it is.

The ‘Riverdale’ villains who could be behind the tapes

When considering the eerie porch tapes, Riverdale fans have a few suspects in mind. For starters, it would make sense for Evelyn Evernever to be behind them, given her desire to torture Betty in the past. With Evelyn behind bars though, creating the tapes would take a lot more work. 

Another viable suspect behind the creation of the tapes would be Donna and her Quill and Skull buddies. After being humiliated by Betty and Jughead, it would make sense for Donna to enact revenge behind the anonymous lens of a camera. 

Still, some fans think Chic and Charles could be behind the tapes. Many fans are distrusting of Betty’s FBI agent half-brother and the troubled Chic, believing he is manipulating Charles into creating the tapes from prison.

One fan believes Mr. Honey is behind the tapes 

“I think the tapes are being made by someone obsessed with the crazy and dark history of the town itself,” a Riverdale fan posted on Reddit. This theory would make sense, considering the town of Riverdale is a murder capital with a dark and twisted past. “Whoever is making them is reenacting all of Riverdale’s incidents/mysteries. So far, we’ve seen Jason’s murder and Jughead’s ‘death.'”

Who might be that obsessed with Riverdale’s rich history? Mr. Honey, according to this Reddit user. “We know nothing about his past, and he seemingly came into the town out of nowhere,” they explained. “He could easily be a twisted guy who’s fascinated with the town’s darkness, and became principal to make it even easier to monitor everybody.” Mr. Honey has been built up as a villain this season, especially during the musical episode. Him being behind the tapes might check out!

A viable theory, but until the season concludes, fans won’t know for sure. Tune in to the Season 4 finale of Riverdale on May 6.