Rob Kardashian ‘Felt Sad’ For Daughter Dream After His Breakup With Blac Chyna

Rob Kardashian hasn’t been on his family’s show in a while. The only male Kardashian sibling took a step back from Keeping Up with the Kardashians to focus on bettering himself, but that doesn’t mean he took a break from the drama. 

Kardashian’s life is arguably the most dramatic out of all of his siblings. Almost all of his issues stem from his relationship with Blac Chyna. The two were only together for about a year.

They broke up in February 2017, but the fallout from their split is still ongoing. Kardashian doesn’t mind the drama — his only regret is that his daughter Dream has to suffer through it alongside her parents. 

Rob Kardashian feels bad for what Dream is going through 

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Since Kardashian isn’t on Keeping Up With the Kardashians anymore, it’s hard to know what he’s thinking about his break up from Chyna. Recently uncovered court documents have shed a lot of light on Kardashian’s state of mind post-separation. What he has to say is heartbreaking. 

It turns out, Kardashian was really trying to make things work for Dream. He imagined raising Dream in a two parent household, and worked hard to make that a reality, even when things were getting contentious between him and his partner. 

According to Kardashian: “I only want a child with one woman, so I’m going to give this woman a chance. But, you know, it never — it just never reconciled. It just got worse. Everything just got worse.” 

When Kardashian says things got worse, he isn’t kidding. The police were involved, and accusations are flying on both sides. Still, his main focus is his daughter. 

Rob Kardashian’s deposition is heartbreaking

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Kardashian is working as hard as he can to be a good parent to Dream, despite what’s happening with Chyna. He feels bad he can’t give her the life he imagined, and no matter what is going on between himself and Chyna, his only concern is for Dream. 

According to Kardashian, when he realized things were going south between himself and Chyna, he only “felt sad” for his “baby.” That’s sweet, especially considering what Kardashian went through with Chyna.

The deposition in question was for an assault and battery case. Kardashian alleges that Chyna attacked him at his sister Kylie Jenner’s house in December 2016.

The suit was filed in September 2017, almost a year later. That’s because Kardashian and Chyna were still trying to work things out after the alleged assault.

The two officially broke up in February of 2017. They’re still seeing a lot of each other since both have ongoing cases against one another in court. 

Rob Kardashian’s drama with Blac Chyna won’t end anytime soon 

Blac Chyna leaves a courthouse.
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Kardashian’s case against Chyna for assault hasn’t yet been resolved. According to Chyna’s legal team, the accusations are completely fabricated.

Jenner also accused Chyna of assault, but that case was dropped when Jenner would not come in for a deposition. There are quite a few reasons why Jenner may have declined to be interviewed under oath, but Chyna and her team claim it’s clear evidence of Chyna’s innocence.

Chyna’s lawyer is adamant that Kardashian’s charges will go the same way. “Chyna already succeeded in getting Kylie Jenner to drop her bogus [suit] against Chyna back in March 2018 after Kylie refused to sit for her deposition and refused to answer questions under oath.”

The lawyer says Kardashian’s case will be dismissed any day now. 

Chyna has her own case against Rob. She’s accused him of posting revenge porn photos of her in July of 2017. Her case against him is expected to go to court later this year.

Then, she plans on taking on Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner. Chyna claims that they stopped E! from picking up season two of Rob & Chyna. Her legal action against them is expected to go to trial as well. 

Rob Kardashian is probably still sad for Dream over what’s going on with Chyna. However, he isn’t taking a backseat in his daughter’s life. He’s suing her for full custody of Dream.