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Rob Kardashian has undergone an ongoing legal battle against former fiancé, Blac Chyna. Kardashian is seeking sole custody of their three-year-old daughter, Dream. Unfortunately, the turbulence continues as a judge denied Kardashian’s request for primary custody. Here’s what we know.

Here’s what Rob Kardashian claimed in his quest for sole custody

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian
Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian attend Blac Chyna’s birthday celebration and the unveiling of her ‘Chymoji’ Emoji Collection | JB Lacroix/WireImage

Back in Jan. 2020, Rob Kardashian filed an emergency motion for primary custody of Dream.

In the filing, Kardashian accused Chyna of drinking in excess, throwing parties with Dream present. According to TMZ, Kardashian also claimed there were threats, drug use, and physical altercations, including objects thrown.

Other accusations included Dream’s behavior after time with Chyna such as “naked twerking and acting out sexual positions that she said her mom taught her.”

“[Dream] tells Rob some of the stuff that goes on and he also hears it from the nanny and friends,” a source previously told E! News. “[Rob and his family] have noticed serious behavioral changes after she spends time at Chyna’s house. She comes back to Rob and it takes her time to adjust.”

Another source continued: “There have been many times where Dream has been picked up from Chyna’s house and has been upset about what went on during her stay.”

“He got very angry and upset when hearing about Chyna’s alleged behavior around Dream and wants Dream to primarily stay at his house or be in the hands of his family/sisters. He would never want to take Dream away from her mother but wants Chyna to get help for whatever she may be dealing with personally.”

Why did the judge deny Rob Kardashian sole custody?

According to The Blast, a judge denied Kardashian’s motion calling the accusations, “absolutely absurd.”

Kardashian requested Chyna’s time be reduced and that a nanny is present with drug and alcohol tests given “no less than 30 minutes before each visit with Dream.”

Along with that, Kardashian wanted the supervising nanny to have the authority to end a visit with Chyna “if there’s any violence in front of their daughter.”

Where does Blac Chyna stand?

Despite the ongoing battle, Chyna’s lawyer provided a statement via E! News.

“Chyna will not back down from Rob and his family’s attempt to take away her agreed-upon custody of Dream. She will continue to take all necessary steps to protect her children, including defeating Rob’s and his family’s latest attempt to undermine Chyna’s joy as a mother to Dream and her ability to make a living as a single mother — without any child support from Rob,” the statement said.

“All along, Chyna has only wanted to peacefully co-parent precious Dream with her ex-fiancé, Rob Kardashian. Chyna is an excellent mother who loves her son King Cairo and her daughter Dream Renee more than anything in this world,” Chyna’s lawyer continued.

“The current custody arrangement for Dream agreed to by Rob long ago is working perfectly fine. Dream gets to spend very special bonding time with her brother King and also time with her dad, who unquestionably loves his daughter very much.” 

Chyna was “shocked” by the emergency motion. Meanwhile, Rob’s big sister, Khloé Kardashian, backed up her brother’s claims. It doesn’t look like this will have a happy ending anytime soon, but for Dream’s sake, we sure hope so.