Robert Pattinson Only Got Into Acting Because He ‘Fancied This Girl’

From his most famous role in the Twilight movies to his most recent role as The Batman, Robert Pattinson has made a name for himself in Hollywood. The English actor has starred in some of the biggest film franchises in history. However, he has also lent his talents to various indie films. But while the big screen seems to be Pattinson’s preferred medium of choice for acting, he actually got his start in the theatre.

acting star Robert Pattinson wears black to 'The Batman' premiere
Robert Pattinson | Cindy Ord/WireImage

Robert Pattinson joined a theatre company because he had a crush

It’s not unusual for actors to get their start on stage. This is especially true of performers who hail from England. England boasts many acting and theatre schools with reputations for being rigorous and turning out some tremendous talents. However, Pattinson wasn’t looking for training when he first decided to get into acting. In fact, he wasn’t even interested in acting at all.

While speaking with Time Out, Pattinson confessed that what initially drew him to acting was actually a woman. He’d developed a crush and felt he could impress her by committing to acting. However, once he started acting, it was clear that he’d found a new passion. Though the experience was frightening, he found himself wanting to be a big part of the production.

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“I joined this little amateur theatre company in Barnes, I think specifically because I fancied this girl,” Pattinson shared of how he started acting. “I’d had no interest in acting until then but one audition broke the seal. It was so scary: I hadn’t sung, danced or acted in front of anyone, and suddenly I was doing all three in this audition for Guys and Dolls. I wanted the Frank Sinatra part. I think I got cast as a Cuban dancer.”

‘The Batman’ actor felt like an outsider in the English theatre crowd

Though Pattinson loved performing, he didn’t quite fit in with his newfound theater company. This led to him going to The States to see if he fared better in the film and TV industry.

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‘A lot of people there took it extraordinarily seriously, and I wasn’t really accepted into that group, so that was massively formative,” Pattinson explained about the Barnes theatre company “I’m a f****** outsider!” he joked. “I went to America before quite a few of my peers for the same reason: I didn’t feel like I fitted in with the English theatre crowd. Also, I got fired from a play and got pissed off with everybody.”

Pattinson’s move to the USA proved to be a very lucrative decision

Of course, going to The States was the best thing Pattinson could’ve done for his career. His second professional job ever turned out to be Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Three years after that, he nabbed the life-changing role of Edward Cullen in Twilight, and his resume has been packed ever since. It’s pretty crazy to think that Pattinson’s career started from a crush. Clearly, the actor trying to impress a woman paid off in more ways than one.

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