‘Rock of Love’: Lacey Sculls and Heather Chadwell Had a Major Falling Out

Fans of the VH1 series Rock of Love With Bret Michaels now have something to look forward to each week. Lacey Sculls (née Conner) and Heather Chadwell, two of the women formerly vying for Bret Michaels’s heart, started the Talk of Love podcast.

Now, less than a year after introducing the world to Talk of Love, Chadwell and Sculls have had a major falling out. Find out why Chadwell is no longer part of the Talk of Love podcast

Lacey Sculls and Heather Chadwell
Lacey Sculls and Heather Chadwell | ‘Talk of Love’ YouTube

Lacey Sculls and Heather Chadwell competed for Bret Michaels’s heart on ‘Rock of Love’ 

Rock of Love With Bret Michaels was a 2007 VH1 series that featured 20-some women dating the Poison frontman. Like The Bachelor, Michaels would set up challenges for the girls to compete in, then go on group dates or have one-on-ones with certain women. 

Sculls and Chadwell were among the final three women in season 1 of Rock of Love. Michaels let Sculls go in episode 10. Despite what many fans thought, Michaels chose Jes Rickleff over Chadwell in the season 1 finale. 

More than 10 years later, fans still want more ‘Rock of Love’ 

More than 10 years after Rock of Love With Bret Michaels debuted, fans are still interested in what went on behind the scenes. So, in February 2020, Sculls and Chadwell released the Talk of Love podcast. 

Sculls, who is best known as the Rock of Love villain, produces and hosts the show. At the time of the podcast’s inception, Chadwell was a co-host. In each episode, the two would answer fan questions and tell stories about their time on reality television series. 

As the fan base grew, Talk of Love started bringing on guests from the casts of other VH1 reality shows, including seasons 2 and 3 of Rock of LoveFlavor of LoveI Love New YorkCharm SchoolDaisy of LoveI Love Money, and Real Chance of Love

Unfortunately, when the podcast was gaining traction, Chadwell and Sculls had a disagreement about which direction to take the show. Today, Chadwell is no longer part of the Talk of Love podcast. 

Heather Chadwell used the ‘Talk of Love’ podcast to shame Bret Michaels and her ‘Rock of Love’ castmates 

According to Sculls, Chadwell had bad intentions when she agreed to be part of the podcast. Sculls wanted to use the platform as a celebration of the reality show. Meanwhile, Chadwell tried to use it as a soapbox to attack Michaels and her other castmates. 

“I [wanted] to use the podcast for positivity and light subject matter — fun,” Sculls explained in a YouTube video regarding Chadwell’s exit from the show. “[Chadwell] wanted to use it to get revenge on the people she felt wronged her. We fought about this [and] ultimately, she quit the podcast.” 

Heather Chadwell
Heather Chadwell | Hollywood To You/Star Max/GC Images

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Sculls also discussed how, when Chadwell left, she assumed Sculls would leave the show, too. When Sculls continued entertaining fans on Talk of Love, Chadwell got frustrated and tried to do everything she could to stop the podcast from being made. 

Fortunately for Sculls and the Rock of Love fans who enjoy the Talk of Love podcast, the show has continued. Each week, Sculls chats with a new guest from the VH1 reality universe. 

“All I want is for her to move on with her life and me to move on with my life and never have to speak her name ever again,” Sculls concluded.