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What Role Will Lucifer’s Sister Play in the Series

Season 5 was technically supposed be the end of Lucifer's, but the producers decided to give fans an extra season to bid farewell. Netflix recently dropped the trailer for the show's final season, and one prominent character has been added as Lucifer's sister. So, what role will Luci's sister play in the series?

The devil’s vacation is coming to an end as Lucifer approaches its last season. The show has been on the air for five seasons, and fans have fallen in and out of love with the characters in the show.

Although season 5 was technically supposed to mark the end of Lucifer’s reign in LA, the producers decided to give fans an extra season to bid farewell to the lovable devil. Netflix recently dropped the trailer for the show’s final season, and one prominent character has been added as Lucifer’s sister. So, what role will Luci’s sister play in the series? Find out.

Fans saved ‘Lucifer’ from cancellation

Character Lucifer from the tv show sitting on a coach with yellow walls.
‘Lucifer’ | Netflix

Lucifer is, without a doubt, an incredible show that manages to blend comedy and drama seamlessly, making for exciting TV. The show is currently approaching its highly-anticipated series finale on Netflix but had fans not intervened, and Lucifer would have been long forgotten.

Lucifer originally aired on Fox before the network decided to cancel it after only three seasons. Fans everywhere didn’t take the cancellation lying down and immediately started a petition for Fox to renew the show. Although the network didn’t pick the beloved series up, the giant streamer Netflix decided not to miss out on the opportunity that Lucifer presented.

Lucifer debuted on Netflix for its fourth season, with the streamer giving fans all the previous seasons to binge-watch all over again. After performing well on Netflix, the streamer decided to end it after season 5, but fans were yet again intent on saving it once more.

Fans set up another petition that declared, “Lucifer has made TV history for being saved from cancellation twice. Why? Because it is that LuciGOOD!!” Netflix released the fifth season in two parts, with the second installment of the fifth season becoming one of the most highly anticipated returns.

Season 6 introduces Lucifer’s sister

Throughout Lucifer’s entirety, fans have met many members of the fallen angel’s family. However, the most prominent member of Semayel’s family is Amenadiel, a series regular. Fans have also enjoyed meeting the pair’s other siblings. The size of the celestial family was seen in its full glory in season 5b when all the siblings teamed up against one another to fight for Godship.

But as season 6 teases, we haven’t met every last one of God’s children. The season 6 trailer introduced viewers to Brianna Hildebrand, who plays Rory, Lucifer’s troublesome younger sister. Although not much information is given about her true intentions, viewers can only expect the worst.

Rory was prominently missing from the celestial war that occurred in season 5b, so her appearance in Lucifer’s life, especially from hell, has to be no good. According to Newsweek, Rory is a rebellious angel who once looked up to Lucifer and also revolted against God. However, from the looks of things, it seems she no longer sees her older brother as a mentor.

From the trailer, Lucifer is seen showing his mortal love Chloe an unidentified throne, but Rory sits on the throne upon closer inspection. The rebellious young celestial then mentions her plans to destroy Lucifer. At one point in the recently dropped trailer, Rory is revealed to be a shapeshifter who can also turn invisible.

All this doesn’t seem good for the newly crowned God, Lucifer. It’s only a matter of time before we determine why Rory is here and who she is working for or with.

What we know about ‘Lucifer’ so far


No ‘Lucifer’ Season 7: Fans Are Disappointed

Although fans have managed to save Lucifer from the cancellation apocalypse, it seems the show has run out of juice and come to its natural end. When announcing when the series will drop, Netflix made it clear that season 6 would be the last we will ever see of Lucifer.

Fans no longer have to wait for season 6 as it drops on September 10, 2021. The streamer also announced that the season would have 10 episodes, a few shy from the 100th mark.