‘Roswell, New Mexico’: Michael Trevino Opened Up About Kyle’s Relationships With Liz and Rosa

Season 1 of The CW’s Roswell, New Mexico revealed some salacious surprises about the Ortecho and Valenti families. The characters involved had to rethink how to navigate their already complicated relationships. Recently, Michael Trevino, who plays Kyle Valenti on the show, explained how the dynamics between his character and the Ortecho sisters changed in Roswell, New Mexico Season 2.

[Spoiler alert: The following article contains details about Roswell, New Mexico Season 2.]

Michael Trevino
Michael Trevino Frederick M. Brown / Stringer via Getty Images

The ‘Roswell New, Mexico’ cast and creator described the making of season 2

Roswell, New Mexico show creator, Carina Adly MacKenzie, and stars, Nathan Dean Parsons, Heather Hemmens, and Michael Trevino, spoke to Entertainment Weekly at SCAD aTVFest. They dished a few details about season 2 of the show.

“These guys have been acting for a long time. But I hadn’t run a show before ever. So, season 1 was really, really, hard,” MacKenzie admitted. She also revealed that she pondered, “How do I do a better job? And I think we all did a better job in season 2.”

‘Roswell New, Mexico’ Season 2 amps up the relationship drama

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Now, back for season 2, MacKenzie has led the charge in continuing the compelling narrative she set in motion during the first season. In season 1, Liz Ortecho was troubled by the death of her sister, Rosa. Although it happened years earlier, the tragedy caused a lasting domino effect in the town.

Eventually, Liz learned that the circumstances of Rosa’s death were not as they seemed. On top of that, she discovered that her mother had had an affair, and Rosa’s biological father was not Liz’s dad, as she previously believed. The late Sheriff Valenti — who was also married at the time — had secretly fathered Rosa, but Mr. Ortecho raised her as his own.

Valenti’s son, Kyle, was Liz’s high school sweetheart, adulthood hookup, and scorned admirer. Now, the exes must accept the new normal that they share a sibling, who (by the way) was resurrected from the dead by Liz’s alien boyfriend at the expense of his own life in the season 1 finale.

Michael Trevino revealed details about Ortecho-Valenti family drama

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At SCAD aTVFest, Trevino weighed in on the complex relationship dynamics between Kyle and the Ortechos. He said this about Kyle’s new reality:

I think it’s having to be as present as he can be for her because that’s a lot. Rosa’s been gone, and she’s trying to adapt back into the world that we’re living in right now. And, I mean, you can only imagine the shock of that and how Liz is handling it. And he’s kind of trying to juggle both of their emotions in a way and making sure they’re OK and that everything is fine. And we see their relationship come together. And how is that interesting family dynamic going to be now?

Michael Trevino at SCAD aTVFest, via Entertainment Weekly

Roswell, New Mexico airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on The CW. Fans can stream the most recent five episodes of the show on CWtv.com.