Royal Biographer Claims Meghan Markle Was ‘Very Scheming, Very Clever’ Marrying Prince Harry

A royal biographer is claiming that Meghan Markle was “very scheming” and “very clever” in marrying Prince Harry to further her celebrity status. Author Tom Bower shared his insights about Meghan’s desire to achieve fame in a “calculated” manner.

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Biographer claims Meghan Markle was ‘scheming’

Bower sat down for an interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored to discuss his book Revenge: Meghan, Harry And The War Between The Windsors.

The writer weighed in with his thoughts about how Meghan was “clever” in increasing her star power — an ambition Bower claimed she had since childhood.

Morgan wondered if Bower had “any sympathy for Meghan” by the end of writing the book. “Did you buy into her thing that she had no idea what she’s really getting into?” he asked the author.

Bower answered, “On the contrary. I think she’s a very scheming, very clever woman,” Bower said. “I think that surprisingly at the end of the book, I realized how successful she’d been.”

He continued, “Here is a woman who was nothing. I mean, born into broken families … an unknown actress, all the rest of it, becomes a global star, which is what she wanted. When she was about 9 or 10, she said to her father, ‘I want to be famous, I want to walk down the red carpet. And she has now done that.”

Bower added, “And she’s calculated that she could be a great success and by marrying Harry, she did it.”

Author shares thoughts about the decline of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s brand

Morgan discussed the Sussex brand and his belief that Prince Harry and Meghan are “destroying a lot of the magic of the monarchy.” Bower shared, “[They are] actually telling untruths and I think that was terrible.”

The biographer continued, “That’s really why I wrote the book because I just thought this woman is really doing something quite dreadful to Britain.”

He added, “And Harry has fallen in love with her in a ludicrous way and has gone along as her accomplice.”

Meghan reportedly displayed ‘diva-like behavior’

Morgan pointed to parts of Bower’s book that detailed Meghan’s “diva-like behavior,” including, how she was “very controlling about her image when she does a Vogue shoot.”

The host added, “There’s a constant feeling that she wants to be completely on top of everything and anyone who gets in her way gets trashed.”

Bower explained, “Well, she thinks she wants to be the great Hollywood celebrity, a star like Meryl Streep or something like that. She imagines she should do the same. The problem is she gets undone on each occasion. On Vanity Fair, she doesn’t get at all what she wants. On Vogue, she gets much more than can be expected but of course, then the palace reacted because she’s behaved appallingly by not telling the palace what she’s going to do.”

He pointed out “the most interesting story” about Meghan that he wrote about was her filming an ad for a clothing store. “I got the most enormously exciting story from the people involved in the shoot for the advert,” he said.

Bower explained, they “tell this story about a woman who is after what, only paid $15,000 a day — peanuts for a star to advertise these very cheap clothes under a hundred dollars a pair of clothes. And she behaves appallingly and they all loathe her at the end.”

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