Royal Biographer Claims Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Netflix Trailer’s Use of ‘Harsh’ Kate Middleton Photo Shows ‘Pure Jealousy’ 

A standout moment in the first Prince Harry and Meghan Markle trailer for the Netflix series Harry & Meghan is an image of Kate Middleton looking very serious. A royal biographer is taking aim at Harry and Meghan for including the “harsh” image, believing it shows “pure jealousy.”

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Biographer says Harry and Meghan are targeting Prince William and Kate Middleton

Royal biographer Angela Levin shared her thoughts about Harry and Meghan including the photo of Kate looking stern in the trailer.

In an opinion piece Levin wrote for Sky News Australia, she touched on why the couple might have selected this less flattering image of the Princess of Wales — pointing to “pure jealousy” at the heart of it.

“If you dig down to the very core of why Harry and Meghan relentlessly attack the royal family, regardless of having the life they sought and more money than most people dream of, the answer could well be simple. It’s just pure jealousy,” Levin boldly claimed.

“Their target at the moment seems to be Catherine and William, the newly-anointed title Prince and Princess of Wales,” she continued.

Levin pointed out how “the jealousy is particularly noticeable in the brief trailer” for Harry & Meghan.

She explained, “William and Catherine are renowned for giving each other loving looks and gently flirting at various engagements, but they always look spontaneous and natural.”

The trailer showed the couple in a different light that was a sharp contrast to the “snaps of lovely dovey Harry and Meghan,” with Levin calling the Sussexes “stomach-churning” and the trailer “stagey.”

Expert ponders why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would use the photo in ‘Harry & Meghan’ trailer

Levin continued to slam Meghan, writing that she likely found “having the beautiful, loyal, hard-working, respectful Catherine around might have been too much.”

According to the biographer, “The truth is Meghan didn’t understand the monarchy; she thought she could and would be equal to Prince William and his household and grumbled she wasn’t paid when she went on her first official tour to Australia in October 2019.”

She continued, “Meghan sees her role as a global ‘influencer,’ but as her recent podcasts revealed the main person she focuses on is herself.”

As a result, Levin believes Meghan signed off on the photo of Kate that showed her looking “harsh” because of her jealousy. “Someone sorting pictures for the trailer must have gone through piles of photographs of Catherine to find one where she looks harsh rather than beautiful,” Levin noted.

“Did Meghan approve it out of jealousy, as there were several other photos of her and Catherine smiling at each other?” she wondered. 


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Prince Harry definitely feels like the spare, biographer says

Levin further pointed out that she interviewed Harry for a biography in 2017 and he very much felt like a spare. “He couldn’t beat his older brother at anything as powerful as being an heir to the throne,” she said. “Yet they overcame this difficulty and managed to be very close and protect each other.”

Levin continued, “That’s no longer the case. Prince William now has real power within the British monarchy while Harry has been left behind.”

According to Levin, Prince Harry discovered that the way to “feel as powerful as William is to verbally attack him, Queen Camilla, and King Charles, relying on none of them answering back.”

Levin also pointed out how “disappointing” the timing of the trailer was, as it was dropped during William and Kate’s US visit. “Were Harry and Meghan so jealous that they felt they had to divert people’s attention to themselves?” the biographer asked. “If so the trailer did just that.”