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Meghan Markle has been doing a lot of interviews and focusing on her new podcast, Archetypes. She has been open about her negative life experiences and hasn’t been afraid to reveal some of the poor treatment she says she received over the years. One royal commentator agrees with what others have reportedly said about Meghan “becoming her own worst enemy.”  

Meghan Markle isn’t doing herself any favors, according to royal commentator

Meghan Markle smiles.
Meghan Markle | Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

Royal commentator Neil Sean discussed Meghan Markle’s efforts to re-brand herself and her attempt to get her new podcast up and running. In Sean’s opinion, Meghan is doing more harm than good to her personal brand. He believes her negative comments are achieving the opposite effect of what she was likely hoping for.

“It has often been said that the Duchess of Sussex truly is her own worst enemy,” says Sean. “And when you think about it, Meghan Markle truly does make life very hard for herself every time she makes one of her now infamous podcasts. But this particular comment has made it very difficult for her to rebrand herself back over in her homeland of the United States of America.”

Sean is referring to Meghan’s comments about her appearance on Deal or No Deal. According to him, speaking about what she says was a negative experience wasn’t the best idea.

Neil Sean says life ‘can’t be that difficult’ for Meghan Markle

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Much of the focus of Meghan’s podcast is about her life experiences and how she has overcome hardships. Sean says he doesn’t understand what she has to complain about.

“Meghan Markle likes to speak her mind on her podcasts,” says Sean. “That was the whole idea of it, really. Seemingly, for her, she seems to enjoy courting controversy wherever she turns. If you remember, she didn’t like the statement about bimbos, the bra station. Everything she says is all about undermining herself.”

Sean says Meghan doesn’t have a whole lot to complain about. He refers to her million-dollar home and the perks of being a member of the royal family. Sean says most of the time Markle focuses on herself and how difficult her life has been.

“Normally, the stories are all about her,” says Sean. “That’s the thing. They all relate back to what a hard time she’s had, how difficult it’s been in life. It can’t be that difficult now, can it? You’re living in a multi-million-dollar Montecito mansion. So, let up and enjoy life a little bit.”

Meghan’s ‘Deal or No Deal’ comments weren’t a good look for the duchess, says commentator

Sean believes Meghan took things a bit too far by criticizing Deal or No Deal. He says this doesn’t look great for the Duchess of Sussex.

“A recent comment really did spark a lot of problems for Meghan,” says Sean. “More than her PR team are letting on. Seemingly because now, that statement where she talked about her time as a briefcase girl on Deal or No Deal was at first a throwaway remark. But then, of course, it escalated, and in particular, got worse simply because Whoopi Goldberg simply stated why have her go to the people who are simply trying to make a living?

Sean says Goldberg’s take on the situation made sense to him. He points out that at the end of the day, people are just trying to earn an income.

“And when you think of it from Whoopi’s perspective, it does make sense,” adds Sean. “Why deride other people if they’re happy and also thrilled to be able to make a living as a briefcase girl on a major hit quiz show for NBC?”

Sean says Meghan probably didn’t think about how her comments would be perceived. However, he still believes the situation is damaging.

“As you can appreciate, Meghan possibly thought this was simply a throwaway remark that had no repercussions,” says Sean. “But seemingly, once Whoopi and the rest of the world picked it up, it becomes damaging because in this cost-of-living crisis times, everybody is just simply trying to make a living.”

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