Royal Expert Believes Meghan Markle ‘Destroyed’ Prince Harry: ‘She’s Taught Him How to Hate His Family’

A royal expert claims that Meghan Markle has “destroyed” Prince Harry, noting that he’s “totally changed.” The expert believes Meghan has “taught him how to hate his family” since their marriage.

Meghan Markle wears a white top and Prince Harry wears a blue button down shirt while they look on
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Royal expert said Meghan Markle ‘fights … until she wins’

While discussing Meghan’s August 2022 interview with The Cut on an episode of Piers Morgan Uncensored, royal expert Angela Levin shared her thoughts on the Duchess of Sussex.

Jeremy Kyle, who stepped in for Morgan, asked Levin, “What is this woman up to? What is her motivation for continually, it seems, drawing attention to herself whilst kicking the very institution that has been long before her and will last long after. I don’t get it.”

Levin said it was “quite simple.”

She explained, “And it’s not just the UK — it’s happening all around the world the people who are seeing right through her. I think her aim is to get rid of the British royal family, without a doubt. And part of that is because she has to win. She fights and fights and goes on and on until she wins.”

Expert believes Meghan ‘wants everything her way’

Levin said that Meghan wants to win “her battle” because “she didn’t think she was well treated there.”

The expert pointed out that the Duchess of Sussex really didn’t give her life in the royal family a chance. “In fact, what it was, of course, was that she wasn’t used to it,” Levin continued. “You can’t change your country, change your family, change your job, come into something that’s very unusual and decide within 5 minutes you want to make them modern and they should listen to you, she should be number one, they should make her very, very famous and concentrate on all her beauty and brain and all the rest of it without giving anything a chance.”

Levin added, “If she had stayed there it might have been helpful and been sensible and fit in. But she won’t because she wants everything her way, all the time.”


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Expert claims Meghan Markle has ‘destroyed’ Prince Harry

Levin didn’t hold back when she shared her perspective about how much Prince Harry has changed since Meghan came into his life.

When Kyle commented about the timing of Meghan’s podcast and interview being released around the time of the anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, he remarked,  “I am astounded that Prince Harry does not have a pair big enough to say, ‘Oi love, that was my mother, c’mon.’”

Levin shared her perspective about just how much Prince Harry has changed, having spent time with him in the past. “He’s got no courage to say anything against her. He will lie because he doesn’t want to upset her,” she said. “He would just let her do everything.”

The expert continued, “And she’s made a total wreck of him. I spent a year and a quarter with him and he’s totally changed. He’s just become resentful and aggressive and she’s taught him how to hate his family. He got on very well with Prince Charles, they had their problems earlier on, later on. They were very compatible. And she’s just destroyed him. And I think he’s up a terrible, terrible situation at the moment.”