Royal Expert Fears Prince Harry’s Memoir Could Cause ‘Ripple Effect’ and Derail Progress of Healing Relationships With Royal Family

A royal expert is concerned that the release of Prince Harry’s memoir could undo some of the healing that has happened with the royal family. The commentator discussed how Harry’s upcoming book “can have a ripple effect” though it’s uncertain if the memoir will paint the royal family in a negative light.

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Prince Harry may have made steps toward healing his relationship with Prince William

Prince Harry’s memoir is scheduled for release later this year, but will his book disrupt the progress that was made in healing relationships with his family when they reconnected recently?

Royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti shared his concerns about Harry’s upcoming book, telling Express it could cause a “ripple effect.”

Harry and Meghan Markle joined Prince William and Kate Middleton for a walkabout at Windsor Castle after the queen’s death, leading many royal watchers to believe the rift between the brothers was on the mend.

Sacerdoti weighed in on whether Harry and Meghan are on better terms with William and Kate now and if book rewrites are possible. “I sincerely doubt it because we’re expecting the publication of Harry’s book, which will be already done and dusted so to do rewrites at this stage seems a tall order,” he said.

Prince Harry’s memoir content is still ‘unknown’

The royal expert shared how the book could perhaps “be delayed a bit” and mentioned the unknowns involved.

The commentator explained, “When we talk about known unknowns and unknown unknowns, I think the book is an unknown unknown, because we know it’s coming but we don’t have any idea what’s in it.”

He continued, “And all reports have said that the palace hasn’t had a copy or seen any manuscript or had any idea of what’s in it. I can’t corroborate that but if that’s true, it will be something that they will be concerned about, as long as it’s not been published yet.”

Royal expert discussed potential ‘ripple effect’ of Harry’s book

Sacerdoti cautioned that Harry should be “sensitive” in what he covers in his memoir to avoid overly critical content.

“He has a right to write his memoir, but like everybody, you need to think about the effect your work might have,” the expert noted.

Sacerdoti continued, “Memoirs are often complicated for anyone, especially for families. So anyone that writes a memoir and talks about their family, even if they don’t think they’re being critical, may say something which is read as critical and can have a ripple effect.”

The commentator shared how a “ripple effect” could potentially extend beyond Harry’s family. “When your family is the royal family that ripple effect cannot just be personal and familial in its effect, it can be much greater — it could be constitutional or historical,” Sacerdoti said. “And so I think that it will be one to watch.”

Sacerdoti also weighed in on whether publishers would make any changes to the book. “I can’t help but think that the publishers who paid so much for the book won’t be happy to remove any explosive sections that they were relying on for sales just because of what’s happened now,” he said. “If those things exist in the book, and it’s a big if, Harry may regret that now.”

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