Royal Expert Says Prince Harry’s Memoir Title Reveals His ‘Deep Shame’ and Is ‘Desperately Sad’

A royal expert believes Prince Harry’s memoir title is “desperately sad” and reveals how the Duke of Sussex really feels about himself. Harry’s book, titled simply Spare, will be released on Jan. 10.

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Expert calls Prince Harry’s new memoir title ‘desperately sad’

When the title of Prince Harry’s book was revealed, royal expert Angela Levin took to Twitter to share her thoughts, calling it “desperately sad.”

Spare, the title of Harry’s book is desperately sad. Is that what he still thinks of himself?” she tweeted.

“After all the therapy, a wife he worships and freedom he longed for, he is still full of resentment and out to get his own back. You can see it in his eyes on the cover,” Levin added.

Prince Harry’s memoir title reveals ‘deep shame,’ expert says

Levin spoke with The Sun about the book title, sharing her interpretation that Harry feels “great deep shame” as his memoir references the saying “the heir and the spare” in regards to Prince William as future king.  

“It tells you what he thinks about himself with some great deep shame that somehow he didn’t feel he was better than that,” Levin explained. “Diana did her absolute best that he wouldn’t feel like that. She tried to tell him there were more options, more things would be open to him.”

Levin added, “He’s got freedom. But obviously that hasn’t worked.”

Expert calls Harry’s memoir ‘nasty’ and ‘cruel’ to the royal family

The publisher, Penguin Random House, said Harry’s memoir will reveal “unflinching honesty.”

The publisher noted, “For Harry, this is his story at last. With its raw, unflinching honesty, Spare is a landmark publication full of insight, ­revelation, self-examination and hard-won wisdom about the eternal power of love over grief.”

Levin called the potential content “nasty” for the royal family, adding, “I think it’s cruel. That’s the answer to should you trust him. Prince Charles loves Harry very, very much.”

She continued, “Prince William and Harry were very, very close. Harry told me that they have had unique experiences that nobody else would have had.”

Levin explained, “One is losing their mother when they were very young. Then thousands of people were watching them and grieving when they had never met or even spoken to his mother.”

She added, “Those two things together made them very close. William looked after him a lot. He was a very nice older brother.”

According to Levin, “Harry has not been very nice in recent years. I think [publishing a tell-all book while] knowing his family won’t sue and they won’t answer back… it’s a one-way nastiness.”


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Another expert makes jab about the book’s title

Royal editor Robert Jobson weighed in on Harry’s memoir as well, telling Australia’s Sunrise his thoughts about the title.

“It seems he has got a bit of a chip on his shoulder about it,” Jobson said. “I’m surprised it is the title. Maybe he should put ‘Despair’ in front of it.”

He added, “It sounds like it’s going to be pretty desperate.”