Royal Expert Calls Prince Harry’s Memoir Title a ‘Personal Dig’ at Prince William

A royal expert is pointing out how Prince Harry’s memoir title, Spare, is a “cruel gibe” at his brother Prince William. While the actual content of the upcoming book is unknown, the expert believes Harry’s title is a “personal dig” at William and will harm potential reconciliation with the royal family.

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Expert says Prince Harry’s memoir ‘could be a bit of a damp squib’ if he doesn’t address issues

Royal expert Neil Sean discussed the newest details of Harry’s memoir — the title and release date — in an Oct. 28 installment of his Daily News Headlines on YouTube.

“Despite what people are saying, no one truly knows the contents — it could be very much a lame duck or it could be sensationalized,” he explained. “As I’ve said before, the bigger problem now for the former royal known as Prince Harry is this: that particular world has been scoped up, dissected, and expertly revealed by the likes of the celebrated author Tom Bower and The Times author Valentine Low” in their books.

He continued, “So, of course, unless Harry takes to task some of the bigger issues that have been doctored and detailed so expertly in those books, really this could be a bit of a damp squib.”

Expert points out how Prince Harry’s memoir title is a ‘personal dig’ at Prince William

Sean went on to discuss “the bigger problem” with Prince Harry’s book — choosing to name the memoir Spare.

“It’s a rather cruel gibe against his once close brother, of course, his royal highness the Prince of Wales. Just the title Spare, this really is a personal dig against Prince William because, according to a very good source, this was the jokey title that he was given by his late mother, Princess Diana. Perhaps not a wise move now when you think about it, all these years on.”

Sean noted that Prince Harry opted for a title that was “hard-hitting, controversial, and more importantly, headline-grabbing.”

The expert explained, “Doesn’t it seem rather cruel to attack your brother once again, literally in public, with a simple title and more so than ever, make it very difficult moving forward for your father, who really has to concentrate on his coronation in the spring of next year.”

Sean added, “This could have been a great time to cement family reunion but more importantly at least tone down some of the rhetoric that so far has been pushed forward.”


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Prince Harry is embarking on the ‘start of the publicity onslaught’

Sean further shared how this is just the beginning of Harry promoting his book and with the publisher paying a significant amount for the memoir, the Duke of Sussex wants it to be successful.

“As for Prince Harry, apparently we’re told this is just the start of the publicity onslaught,” Sean said.

“Perhaps he has more in mind to push it even further, but according to very close sources, Prince Harry really wants to make the book a success and, more importantly, so do Penguin Random House,” he added. “After all, they paid heavily for it.”