Royal Expert Slams Prince Harry’s Memoir Title: ‘He Might as Well Have Called It Victim’

A royal expert is taking aim at Prince Harry’s choice of the word Spare as his memoir title, saying he could just as well call it “victim.” According to the expert, Harry plays into a “victimhood” narrative and calling his book “victim” would be “a catchy and clever title but quite sad.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry look on
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Chris Jackson/Pool/Getty Images

Royal expert jokes Prince Harry’s memoir could be called ‘Victim’ rather than ‘Spare’

Publisher Penguin Random House recently revealed Harry’s memoir title and cover photo and promised “raw, unflinching honesty” in the book. In the cover image, Harry stares straight ahead at the camera with a serious expression and the one word title Spare is located under his chin.

Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti shared his analysis of Harry’s memoir title and didn’t hold back, telling Express, “One would hope that by now, especially with therapy and a new life abroad away from the duties he once had, he’d have moved on and not felt the need to title his book that way,” the expert said.

Sacerdoti continued, “He might as well have called it ‘victim.’ It’s a catchy and clever title but quite sad.”

The expert added, “In fact he seems keen to tap into the vogue for victimhood that maybe plays well with some of his intended audience.”

Expert believes Prince Harry was never treated like a spare

Sacerdoti found Prince Harry’s title “strange” because the Duke of Sussex “really wasn’t treated as a spare in many people’s eyes even when he was a working royal.”

The royal expert explained, “He was massively popular, and was respected by many for his military service.”

Harry also had more freedom, with Sacerdoti pointing out how he could “live a life of fun and parties” while still being a royal. “He was still able to let his personality show through more than William was perhaps allowed, unburdened by the extra responsibility of knowing he’d be king one day,” he explained.

Sacerdoti pointed out how Prince Harry not only “had a defined and rewarding role” but he was also “constantly looked after and made to be a key part of the royal family’s work rather than a spare to its main aims and endeavors.”


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Prince Harry appears to be ‘second fiddle’ to Meghan Markle, expert says

Sacerdoti further wondered whether Harry still views himself as a “spare” or not and looked at how Harry often takes a backseat to Meghan Markle.

“He’s often seen as playing second fiddle to his actress wife and her ambitions to present audio programs, write picture books, and possibly even start a political career in America,” the expert said. Harry was even seen standing behind Meghan in recent photos, showcasing her as the “star.”

“He features occasionally in her publicity as a walk on character — commenting on hairstyles or clowning about outside a window,” Sacerdoti added.