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The royal family has seen many — we repeat many — conspiracies theories over the years. But, none quite compare to the idea of who (or, what) Prince Charles really is. Some speculate the future king is a vampire — yes, ladies and gentlemen, a vampire.

In 2011, Prince Charles promoted a television show inspired by his fascination and interest in Romania’s Transylvania. He revealed his relation to 15th-century Romanian prince, Vlad the Impaler, who was the inspiration behind Bram Stoker’s 1897 story of “Dracula.” However, the Prince of Wales has no interest in blood sucking.

According to CBS, the future king touched on his genealogy, which proves his relation to the infamous prince. Prince Charles used his blood connection to Vlad the Impaler to promote his interests in the future of the country and focus on the conservation of its forests. He even owns a home in Transylvania!  

Of course, vampires aren’t actually real, which makes the conspiracy theory quite comical. Aside from their genealogy, Prince Charles and Vlad the Impaler don’t have much in common. After all, the Romanian prince was famous for sadism and torture with tens of thousands of victims. Prince Charles isn’t exactly known for torturous executions.

Royal family conspiracy theories

Prince Charles’s vampire tendencies (or lack thereof) aren’t the only royal family conspiracy theory out there. Below, find some of weird and wacky rumors about the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth I was a man

Some conspiracy theorists believe Queen Elizabeth I was actually a man. Thanks to her impressive leadership, intelligence, and financial habits, some think the former ruler was not actually a woman. The legend suggests that a young Lady Elizabeth got sick and dies at her family’s abode in Bisley, England. When her father, King Henry VIII arrived, servants feared execution, so they dressed a boy from the neighborhood as Elizabeth. However, the discriminatory theory has been debunked by evidence.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana have a secret daughter

Poor Prince Charles — it seems he’s always at the center of controversy. While this conspiracy theory is completely possible, many have found that the idea of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’s secret daughter stems from a fictional story.

Long story short, the theory suggests that before Princess Diana married Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth forced her to undergo a fertility test. The eggs were allegedly fertilized with Prince Charles’s sperm without their knowledge and implanted via IVF into Diana’s doctor’s wife. The alleged daughter’s name is Sarah and she lives in hiding in a small New England town in the United States. The conspiracy appears to be based on Nancy E. Ryan’s novel, The Disappearance of Olivia.

Queen Elizabeth is an alien

Conspiracy theories have a way of getting weird, fast — and this one is no exception. Former BBC Sports reporter, David Ick believes that some of the most powerful people in the world — including Queen Elizabeth — are a type of alien reptile called Annunaki, aka “lizard people.”

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