Royal Fans Dub Kate Middleton ‘Too Skinny’ as Experts Claim There Is a Natural Reason for Her Build

Kate Middleton has always been on the thin side, but royal watchers now think the Duchess of Cambridge is too skinny for her own good. Middleton’s weight has sparked a number of rumors about her diet, though royal experts believe there is a perfectly good explanation behind her low weight. So why does Middleton always look like she is on the verge of being too skinny?

Kate Middleton too skinny
Kate Middleton | Photo by Adrian Dennis – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Experts claim there is a natural reason behind Middleton’s weight loss

Royal watchers have grown concerned over Middleton’s weight over the years, with some fans theorizing she might suffer from an eating disorder. While fans debate the reasons why Middleton is so thin, royal expert Deanna Eppers believes there is a scientific explanation behind her frail look.

According to International Business Times, Eppers argues that Kate Middleton — and other members of her family — are what is called an ectomorph, which basically means it is difficult for her to add weight to her lean frame.

“Ectomorph is long and lean, difficult to put on weight, with many models or ballet dancers having this look to them,” Eppers explained.

We cannot say for sure if Eppers is correct, but her theory would explain why Middleton has zero trouble keeping weight off.

For comparisons, another type of body composition are mesomorphs, who typically gain muscle fast and are athletic in build. A third type are Endomorphs, who put on weight a lot easier than the average person and can find dieting difficult.

Is Kate Middleton really an Ectomorph?

There is no denying that all of the Middletons have a thin frame and could be characterized as having lean and lengthy limbs. Taking that into account, it is possible that Middleton is an ectomorph.

After all three of her pregnancies, Middleton lost her baby weight incredibly fast. She also has had no trouble keeping the weight off, which could be chalked up to her body type.

Unlike people who suffer from eating disorders, Middleton’s face does not appear gaunt. She also has some muscle and looks like she is healthy.

That would not be the case if Middleton was battling an eating disorder, such as anorexia. Unfortunately, there is no way of telling if Middleton truly is an ectomorph or not, but it is certainly a compelling theory.

Royal watchers chime in on the debate

Apart from the experts, royal watchers have also voiced their opinion about what is really going on in Kate Middleton’s dieting life.  Some of her followers admitted that she often looks too thin and could be opening the door for health issues down the road.

Others disagree and argued that Middleton is not too thin for her frame. Some fans even debated that Middleton can be as thin as she wants, as long as her doctors give her a clean bill of health.

“To me she appears to be too thin, but I’m not her doctor. If she has been deemed to be healthy by her doctor and has the energy to perform all the tasks she is expected to do or wants to do, then the answer is no, she’s fine. I have heard or seen nothing to indicate that she is incapable of doing all the things she needs to do because she isn’t healthy,” one fan wrote.

This, of course, is not the first time Kate Middleton has faced criticism over her weight. A few months ago, the Duchess of Cambridge found herself in a similar situation, with some royal watchers saying she was the skinniest she has been in a long time.

The fact that Middleton lost her baby weight quickly after welcoming Prince Louis last year did not help the speculation. But, aside from her body type, there is another reason why Middleton has kept in top shape over the years.

Inside Kate Middleton’s active lifestyle

Middleton has never been shy about revealing her strict dieting and exercising routines. The Duchess is known to run on a weekly basis and participates in a lot of yoga sessions.

She also sticks to a healthy diet and does not eat a whole lot of junk food. She even cooks for her family at home and is very cognizant of what she puts in her body.

Between the exercising and healthy eating, it is no wonder that Middleton is able to maintain her weight, even after she has given birth to three children.

Despite all of these factors, royal watchers will likely continue to talk about Middleton’s thin frame, with some chalking it up to the stresses of life in the royal family.

Kate Middleton, who recently returned home after a tour of Pakistan, has not commented on the rumors surrounding her weight loss.