Royal Pet Peeves: The 1 Word Queen Elizabeth Won’t Ever Use and Other Things She Can’t Stand

When you’re trying to keep a country in order while also being royal AF, a ton of things are probably bound to get on your nerves. Queen Elizabeth has been sitting on her throne since 1952, and we’ve learned a great deal about her over the years. However, we didn’t know that the head of the monarchy had such a long list of pet peeves.

From the one word that Queen Elizabeth refuses to use to the thing that her grandchildren love that irritates her the most, here are all of the things (and people) that Queen Elizbeth is not a fan of. If you ever head to Buckingham Palace, it’s probably best that you keep these things in mind.

1. John Lennon

Left: John Lennon in 1971 | Central Press/Getty Images, Right: Queen Elizabeth in New Zealand. | William Lovelace/Getty Images

Yes, it’s true. The Queen of England was no fan of the most famous Beatle. In fact, she thought John Lennon was “vulgar” when she met him at a Royal Variety Show.

The queen was “delighted and relieved” when Lennon returned his Order of the British Empire in 1969.

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2. Maurice Chevalier

Left: Maurice Chevalier posing during a photoshoot. | AFP/ Stringer/Getty Images, Right: Queen Elizabeth at a polo match | Bob Haswell /Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth also doesn’t enjoy French singer Maurice Chevalier. She thinks that he is a simpering crooner. She was rather disturbed when he sang “You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby” to her at a Royal Variety Show — it was quite awkward.

Next: Overly emotional displays

3. Blubbering

Queen Elizabeth having a conversation.
She doesn’t take too kindly to tears. | Giphy

The queen doesn’t take too kindly to tears, especially when they include loud, violent sobs. Her relationship with the late Princess Diana got off to a rocky start because the Princess of Wales began weeping during a mole hunt when one of the queen’s corgis caught a mole.

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4. Potatoes

A GIF showing a plate of potatoes being lifted as a sheet of paper.
She just can’t stand potatoes. | Giphy

We’re not sure if Queen Elizabeth has anything against french fries, but she certainly abhors potatoes. She’s so disturbed by the starchy food that she refuses to be served them when she dines alone.

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5. The word ‘pregnant’

This is a closeup of Duchess Kate Middleton is holding Princess Charlotte.
Kate Middleton must have had to be very careful about her language. | Stephen Lock/Pool/Getty Images

If there is one thing the queen doesn’t enjoy, it’s vulgarity, and she finds the word “pregnant” one of the more vulgar terms of the English language.

Instead, she very much prefers the term “in a family way,” especially when referring to members of the royal family who are with child.

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6. Fake bow ties

A bow tie being tied animation.
Queen Elizabeth is not a fan of certain ties. | Giphy

Queen Elizabeth is no fan of tacky fashions, especially fake bow ties. In fact, it’s been said that “the queen can spot a pre-tied tie at 20 paces.”

Next: We hope you don’t get a cold when you’re around the queen. 

7. Soup

Queen Elizabeth waving at a crowd while wearing a bright purple outfit.
Soup isn’t among her favorite foods. | Giphy

Let’s just hope you never have to meet the queen on a cold wintery day because soup certainly won’t be on the menu. According to Us Weekly, “She just doesn’t care for it.”

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8. Clinking ice cubes

Queen Elizabeth drinking water from a glass.
Don’t even think about chewing ice cubes around the queen. | Yui Mok/WPA Pool/Getty Images

We all have those sounds that make us want to rip our eardrums out. For the Queen of England, that sound is clinking ice cubes.

The queen is so disturbed by the noise that all of her cold beverages have sphere-shaped ice cubes, so there is less of a chance that they will clink together.

Next: No kids at the table, please. 

9. Children at the dinner table

Kate and Prince Harry playing with Prince George on a bench.
It will be a while until Prince George joins the family at the main dinner table. | John Stillwell/PA Wire

It looks like Prince George and Princess Charlotte won’t be sitting at the dinner table with their great-grandmother anytime soon. The tots will have to learn proper table manners before they are invited to tea.

Next: Church shouldn’t take all day. 

10. Long drawn-out sermons

Prince Harry sits next to Queen Elizabeth II while they watch a ceremony.
She prefers sermons to move along quickly. | Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

The Queen of England is a religious woman, but she has a lot of things to do. She can’t just sit around listening to long, drawn-out sermons. Instead, the queen likes sermons to be limited to 12 minutes.

Next: Tuxes and regular suits only, please.

11. Three-piece suits

Queen Elizabeth looking down and upward.
Don’t wear this type of suit around her. | Giphy

If you think wearing three-piece suits makes you look fresh to death, then you’ll probably disagree with the queen’s assessment. The most iconic royal feels like these particular ensembles are only fit for servants.

Next: Men’s ankles shouldn’t be on display. 

12. Shorts, or rather men wearing shorts

At least Prince George has a while left to enjoy wearing shorts. | Giphy

The Queen of England wants nothing to do with the calfs of men. In fact, she only wants to see men in long pants. Weather be damned.

Next: Hands off the doggies. 

13. Folks getting cozy with her corgis

Queen Elizabeth walking her corgis.
Don’t touch the queen’s pups! | Giphy

Queen Elizabeth loves her corgis, and she would prefer if people kept their paws off of her beloved pets. She’s quite protective of the gorgeous dogs.

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14. iPhones, laptops, and other distractions

Queen Elizabeth II
She’s not about to wait for you to finish that last text. | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Technology has been a major point of contention between the queen and her grandchildren. She hates to see them glued to their screens. Social skills are very important to the queen, and being stuck to your phone certainly doesn’t help foster them.

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15. Cheating at crosswords

A person does a crossword puzzle with a pencil.
No cheating on crosswords allowed. | Jas0420/iStock/Getty Images

Put your thesaurus down when you are doing crossword puzzles, or else you risk the queen thinking you’re a cheat.

Next: Keep the harmony. 

16. Disharmony

Queen Elizabeth smiles while wearing a jeweled crown and jewelry.
She’s even picky about her tunes. | Toby Melville/Pool/Getty Images

The queen loves a melancholic tune, and she despises “dissonance” in her music.

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