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When you’re trying to keep a country in order while also being royal AF, a ton of things are probably bound to get on your nerves. Queen Elizabeth has been sitting on her throne since 1952, and we’ve learned a great deal about her over the years. However, we didn’t know that the head of the monarchy had such a long list of pet peeves.

From the one word that Queen Elizabeth refuses to use to the thing that her grandchildren love that irritates her the most, here are all of the things (and people) that Queen Elizbeth is not a fan of. If you ever head to Buckingham Palace, it’s probably best that you keep these things in mind.

1. John Lennon

Left: John Lennon in 1971 | Central Press/Getty Images, Right: Queen Elizabeth in New Zealand. | William Lovelace/Getty Images

Yes, it’s true. The Queen of England was no fan of the most famous Beatle. In fact, she thought John Lennon was “vulgar” when she met him at a Royal Variety Show.

The queen was “delighted and relieved” when Lennon returned his Order of the British Empire in 1969.

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