What Was Rue McClanahan’s Favorite Episode of ‘The Golden Girls’?

When it comes to The Golden Girls characters, Blanche Devereaux (Rue McClanahan) often overshadowed her roommates with her hijinks. For seven seasons, McClanahan entertained TV audiences with her portrayal of the man-hungry Southern belle. There were plenty of memorable and humorous Blanche moments during the show’s run, but this was McClanahan’s favorite scene.

Actor Rue McClanahan as her character Blanche Devereaux in a promo photo for 'The Golden Girls.'
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This was Rue McClanahan’s favorite episode of ‘The Golden Girls’

All actors have a favorite episode of their TV show. For McClanahan, her best-loved Blanche moment was from the show’s final season. According to Outsider, McClanahan cited Journey to the Center of Attention.

The story’s premise has Blanche becoming jealous when the patrons of The Rusty Anchor become captivated by Dorothy Zbornak’s (Bea Arthur) singing. Wanting to get back the men’s attention, Blanche decides to pull a number from Dorothy’s book. Decked in a red dress, Blanche sings I Want to be Loved by You, ends up being a disaster. When reflecting on the episode and that scene, McClanahan said, “I loved that.”

Rue McClanahan almost played Rose Nylund on ‘The Golden Girls’

It’s hard to imagine anyone but McClanahan as Blanche, but it almost happened. When producers were casting The Golden Girls, they wanted McClanahand to play Rose Nylund. Meanwhile, Betty White auditioned for the role of Blanche.

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The producers changed their minds after McClanahan audition for Blanche, while White was cast as Rose. According to CBS News, White believed McClanahan was the right person to portray Blanche. When talking about McClanahans’s performance, White said, “This one took Blanche out of orbit where I would never have had the guts to go.”

Rue McClanahan is best known for ‘The Golden Girls’

Although McClanahan would later work on other shows and films, she’ll always be best remembered for The Golden Girls. Aside from gaining stardom, McClanahan’s role as Blanche also earned her a Primetime Emmy Award in 1987.

McClanahan died in June 2010, but her legacy lives on. Thanks to The Golden Girls reruns, fans can enjoy heartwarming and funny moments from McClanahan and the rest of the ladies. Given Blanche’s love for men and her Southern roots, there’s plenty of jokes and scenes to have fans roaring with laughter.