‘Run the World’: A Ton of Familiar Faces Just Got Added to the Cast for Season 2

Starz‘s hit dramedy Run the World was renewed for a second season shortly after the debut of its first season. Now, fans can expect to see a ton of familiar faces on the show that have been added to the cast.

From Cree Summers to Tika Sumpter, fans have a lot to look forward to.

Corbin Reid as Sondi, Amber Stevens West as Whitney and Bresha Webb as Renee standing in the park in 'Run the World'
Corbin Reid as Sondi, Amber Stevens West as Whitney and Bresha Webb as Renee in ‘Run the World’ | Starz

‘Run the World’ will return to Starz for Season 2

Run the World follows a group of smart, funny, and vibrant thirty-something Black women – fiercely loyal best friends – who live, work and play in Harlem, NYC. The first season focused on Ella (Andrea Bordeaux), a writer struggling to find her footing again after her debut book was panned. Then there was Sondi (Corbin Reid), a Ph.D. candidate whose academic career and personal life are colliding in a major way.

Whitney (Amber Stevens West) is a perfectionist banker whose forthcoming nuptials to her long-term boyfriend, Ola (Tosin Morohunfola) cause her to make some extremely rash decisions. Finally, there is Renee (Bresha Webb), who is trying to untangle her life from her estranged husband Jason (Jay Walker) while being recognized in her career.

A ton of familiar faces just joined the ‘Run the World’ cast

A ton of familiar faces just joined the Run the World cast for season 2 according to a press release obtained by Showbiz Cheatsheet. Comedian CP will star as Preston Thurgood, “the multi-millionaire creator of Prestify, who has no need to put on airs. His hilarious, down-to-earth personality is plenty to get Renee’s attention; however, his lavish lifestyle certainly won’t hurt his case. Preston could give Renee everything she’s ever wanted, but is Preston the true love of her life?”

Next, Tika Sumpter will recur as Naomi, “the biological mother of Amari who has returned home from the Navy. With the assertiveness of a military officer, she immediately reclaims her position in Amari’s life, leaving Sondi to question her place in this new family dynamic.”

Cree Summer will guest star as Dr. Monica Mitchell, “the ladies’ wise and trusting new therapist who takes over for the now-retired Dr. Nancy (Rosie O’Donnell).

Ishaa Blaaker will star as Phillip Houston Whitney’s business school rival who has returned from London fresh off a breakup of his own. “His sexy British arrogance has Whitney flustered and their chemistry runs high. Now that they’re both single, Phillip is certainly interested.”

Finally, Ashley Blaine Featherson-Jenkins will guest star as “India Blue,” a beautiful, confident, cool, and incredibly successful singer/songwriter/producer. India has been working closely with Jason, Renee’s ex-husband.

Andrea Bordeaux will not be returning for season 2

Bordeaux portrayed Ella in season 1 of Run the World. Licking her wounds following the panning of her debut novel, Ella takes a job at a gossip website to keep her bills paid. In the first season, we watched her navigate her way back into the world of journalism while rekindling a past romance. However, Bordeaux will not be returning to the series for season 2.

Deadline reported that Lionsgate and the actor could not find a workable solution following a dispute over the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. “Getting the opportunity to play Ella on #RunTheWorld was an absolute dream come true,” Bordeaux wrote on Instagram. “I would have loved to continue to grow with this delightful character and having to come to terms with this sharp turn in my life, my dream, and career these past several weeks has been heartbreaking beyond words.”

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