‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’: Jackie Cox Apologizes to Jaida Essence Hall After ‘Untucked’ Disagreement

Slowly but surely, season 12 of RuPaul’s Drag Race is coming to a close. One of this season’s frontrunners, Jaida Essence Hall, found herself in the bottom two this week. One of her co-stars, Jackie Cox, came out and apologized on Twitter after a disagreement they had about the order of this week’s challenge.

Jaida Essence Hall, Jackie Cox
(L-R) Jaida Essence Hall, Jackie Cox | Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

Frontrunner Jaida Essence Hall had a bad week

In the last episode before the reveal of who will be in the finale, the final five queens participated in a one-woman-show comedy challenge. Cox won the mini-challenge of the week, which was the return of the classic puppet roast.

Cox was tasked with choosing the order for the comedy show. None of the queens wanted to go last, with many asking to go after Cox, who wanted to be first, or in the middle. After no one seemed to want to go last, Hall obliged to go in the final slot.

The challenge didn’t go too well for Hall, who has been a frontrunner in the competition. She’s tied with Gigi Goode with winning the most challenges so far (three) and won the last two challenges. Sherry Pie went right before Hall and her routine went on for 17 minutes, which was way over the five-minute limit.

All of this combined with the fact that Hall’s one-woman-show wasn’t received that well, it’s as clear that the frontrunner would find herself lip-syncing for her life for the first time.

Viewers think that Jackie Cox was in the wrong

When RuPaul asked Hall did she choose to go last, she said she did not want to go last and was put there by Cox. This was a big discussion during Untucked as Cox thought she was being thrown under the bus and blamed for Hall’s performance. And while Hall did say she would go last because no one else wanted to, viewers seemed to universally side with Hall. Most viewers brought up while Hall agreed to be the final show, she didn’t necessarily volunteer for it or was happy about it.

“I’m sorry but Jackie shouldn’t be mad and Jaida DID NOT VOLUNTEER. jackie bout to be goin home next cuz miss jaida comin for blood,” said one fan.

A lot of people thought that Cox was trying to make an issue out of something that didn’t need to be made into a big deal. “Jackie is literally starting an issue when she’s the one who gave Jaida the last spot in my eyes I think Jackie and Sherry did it on purpose to take Jaida down in the competition just my opinion from observation they’re trying to get a moment off this black queen and it wont work,” another viewer tweeted.

Others also believe Hall was targeted, with one person saying, “Jackie really gone sit there and lie like that. YOU volunteered Jaida to be last and she was like whatever but no one WANTED to go last. And let’s be real Jackie you volunteered her because she was top last week.”

Someone else accused Cox of gaslighting, tweeting, “I’m sorry jackie Cox but jaida did not sign up for last, and you assigned it to her, not here for this gaslighting.”

Jackie Cox issues an apology to Jaida Essence Hall

After the episode aired, Cox took to Twitter to address the situation and also issue an apology to her fellow queen and castmate.

She tweeted, “I clearly misremembered our workroom conversation and @jaidaehall did not volunteer to go last! And ESPECIALLY with what the performer before her did, she REALLY shouldn’t have had to wait that long! Jaida I’m sorry girl.” In another tweet, she said, “I sound like a total idiot in my interviews because I remembered you saying ‘I’ll go last’ but clearly that was just in my mind. So now I just feel completely stupid. Either way, I’m sorry.”

Hall responded, saying, “Lol it’s drag sis and we deal with soooo much in one day it’s hard to keep up. Still love you.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race airs Fridays on VH1.