Ryan Buell From ‘Paranormal State’ Hints ‘More Is to Come’

Did Ryan Buell from Paranormal State just share that the show may return? The star of the wildly popular A&E show recently marked Paranormal State’s 12 year debut anniversary.

Buell shared a few images of the cast and crew from when Paranormal State debuted in 2007. He reminisced about how the show was ahead of its time, but then dropped a hint that perhaps more is to come. “12 years ago today, ‘Paranormal State’ first premiered to audiences across the country! Over a decade later, it’s still airing on TV. It was so much fun to invite audiences in on PRS’ investigations,” he shared on Instagram. “Thank you to all who contributed to this series, which was ahead of its time and STILL stands the test of time with audiences! And there will be more to come! Stay tuned!! 😉.”

Ryan Buell attends A&E Television Networks Inaugurates New Media Brands With UPFRONT Event
Ryan Buell attends A&E Television Networks Inaugurates New Media Brands With UPFRONT Event | CHANCE YEH/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Viewers have been hoping more was to come for some time. Buell was riding the fame wave when he fell into the grips of addiction. He angered fans by canceling events without refunds, plus he lied about the seriousness of his addiction. But now that he is in recovery, he’s returned to ghost hunting … and possibly to television.

He was looking for case submissions in April

Buell returned to work by taking on special case events like the spooky  West Virginia State Penitentiary. “I’m going back to West Virginia State Penitentiary for the first time in 9 years! This is going to be interesting and…intense! If you want to be a part of the team, you can register by going to prsevents.com,” he shared on Instagram in February. “April 11-13th. We are also going to be staying at the haunted Bellaire House during the Investigation. This is going to be a big one! Hope to see you there!

He also posted a call for cases in April too. “PRS is now accepting case submissions from those who are experiencing intense or life-threatening hauntings,” he shared. “We are also looking for individuals/families who are willing to allow a film crew to document the investigation. If you are experiencing a haunting and are looking for help and are willing to be filmed, please feel free to send us a case request submission by clicking on the link below. Please note that we are not able to accept every case. We are only able to select a few cases at a time. Thank you.”

Buell recently hosted a special event in October. “PRS is returning to Gettysburg for our 18th birthday, October 24-27th, 2019,” he shared. “We’ll be investigating a different location each night (including the Tillie Pierce House as seen on “Paranormal State”), touring the battlegrounds and hosting a special Halloween dinner to commemorate PRS’ 18th year (on Saturday, Oct 26th)!”

He’s been visiting with the group he started at Penn State

Buell also spent time with the new Paranormal Research Society team (PRS), which he started 18 years ago at Penn State. He shared some recent photos and his visit with the team. “18 years ago I started a group called the Paranormal Research Society at Penn State. 18 years later, it’s still active. Meet some of the current members! It was so awesome to sit down and talk with them. Laugh about some of the similar struggles (like getting UPAC funding, case investigations), and hear about what they’re doing! So cool!”

Possibly along with the new PRS team, he investigated a haunted orphanage in Gettysburg. “I don’t have much experience working with the Kinect device during investigations, but I found it interesting how it suddenly got really cold as they were telling me they were capturing something on the video next to me,” he shared. “We experienced quite a lot at the Orphanage last night.”

So, is Buell filming for a new show? Or is he planning to share experiences through stories or his blog? He hasn’t updated his blog or list of appearances. However, he recently added 18th-anniversary merchandise to his website. Fans have asked on several occasions if the show will return, but Buell has yet to make an official announcement.