Ryan Gosling Had to Eat 8 Hamburgers While Filming a Scene for ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’

Celebrity actors often have to undergo some tremendous transformations in order to take on the roles that they play. Whether they gain or lose a lot of weight or physically transform by packing on muscle through extreme workout routines, acting can take a real toll on a performer’s body.

On top of that, many actors perform at least some of their own stunts. These kinds of physical feats are part of what makes fans so impressed by their favorite actors’ roles. 

When we’re talking about impressive physical feats that actors undergo for a part, we rarely think about something as simple as eating a hamburger. However, when a scene requires multiple takes, a simple act might become a pretty difficult one, and that’s exactly what happened to Ryan Gosling on the set of The Place Beyond the Pines

‘The Place Beyond the Pines’ is a thrilling film

Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling | Europa Press/Europa Press via Getty Images

The Place Beyond the Pines came out in 2012 and featured Ryan Gosling as Luke, a motorcycle stunt rider who feels the pressures of needing to provide for his ex-girlfriend (played by Eva Mendes) and their infant child.

Luke decides that bank robbery is the fastest way to the financial stability he seeks, and that puts him at odds with the law. The entire plot gets incredibly complicated as it weaves its way through a corrupt police force and asks questions about guilt, innocence, and the motivation behind the decisions we make. The star-studded cast included not only Gosling and Mendes but also Bradley Cooper and Ray Liotta. 

The film received a warm reception, earning a 78% on Rotten Tomatoes. The ambitious plot, which starts out deceptively simple before wading off into much deeper and complex territory, is widely regarded as successfully handled. Much of the praise for the film centers on Gosling’s performance. His gritty portrayal of Luke is a key force for making the film believable and heartfelt. 

Ryan Gosling worked hard to portray Luke 

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Gosling’s performance required tremendous physical work on his part. In order to adequately portray the rough and tumble motorcycle stuntman, Gosling packed on 40 pounds of muscle, according to W Magazine.

The physical transformation included bleaching his hair blonde and covering himself in tattoos for the role. The transformation clearly worked. In addition to getting praise for his performance, Gosling also met his future partner, Eva Mendes, on the set.  

Mendes and Gosling are famously intensely private about their relationship and don’t even share photographs of themselves together. Mendes has made it clear that her “man” and their children are strictly off-limits when it comes to the media’s prying eyes. When Mendes does share glimpses into their life together, it’s usually to praise Gosling such as when she told the world what an amazing chef he is. 

Ryan Gosling had to eat eight hamburgers for one scene

One of the scenes of A Place Beyond the Pines called for Luke to eat a hamburger. That may sound simple enough, but most scenes in a film require more than one take to get exactly right. For this particular scene, the filming required eight separate takes. This meant that Gosling ended up eating eight hamburgers! 

While scarfing down that many burgers would make anyone feel a little sluggish, we’re pretty sure that Gosling can handle it. According to Jacked Gorilla, Gosling’s workout routine is intense and includes many activities to ensure that he has a well-rounded approach to fitness.

On top of that, he was definitely working out more than usual in order to achieve the look he needed to portray Luke, so if there was ever a time to eat eight hamburgers in one sitting, this was probably the best one.