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Ryan Gosling is known for his roles in films such as The Notebook and La La Land, but just like other A-listers, he too is a man of many talents. Not only is he a gifted actor and dancer, but Gosling is also a talented singer who could have been part of one of the biggest boy bands of all time had he not turned down the offer.

Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling | Laurent Viteur/Getty Images

Ryan Gosling got his singing start on ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’

As a kid, Gosling had dreams of becoming an actor after he watched the 1945 movie, Dick Tracy. This led the Ontario, Canada native to pursue work in the entertainment industry a lot sooner than most people.

In 1993, Gosling attended an open audition in Montreal for a revival of Disney Channel’s The Mickey Mouse Club. After landing the part of a Mouseketeer, the young actor signed a two-year contract and moved to Florida, where he appeared on the show along with some of the biggest stars of today, such as Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake.

Though he didn’t appear on-camera as often as the other young actors, Gosling was able to show off his many talents when he got screentime.

Not only would he show off his sensational dance moves and acting chops, but there were also times when Gosling would wow the audience with his melodious singing voice.

The young actor held his own next to famed singers like Timberlake and *NSYNC’s J.C. Chasez during his stint on MMC and impressed not only fans but also a member of one of the best-selling boy bands of all time.

It’s been rumored that the actor almost became a member of the Backstreet Boys

In 2013, it was alleged that Gosling was asked to a member of ’90s boyband The Backstreet Boys but turned the offer down, according to group member A.J. McLean.

While speaking with TMZ, McLean revealed that he and the Backstreet Boy band members used to live in the same apartment complex as Gosling when he was on The Mickey Mouse Club.

Though they were still in the early stages of forming the band, Gosling was convinced that the group wasn’t going to be as big as New Kids on the Block, who had already successfully done the boy band thing.

Backstreet Boys, of course, went on to achieve mega-success by becoming multi-million-selling pop stars, and continue to flourish today.

After the band boy grew in popularity, Gosling revealed during a 2013 interview that he tried to reach out to McLean to be part of the group, but his calls went unanswered.

While speaking to TMZ, McLean addressed the actor’s comment, insisting that he didn’t blow him off intentionally.

“Ryan, I am so sorry that I didn’t call you back. If we ever want a sixth Backstreet Boy member, I’m gonna call you. You can sing.” McLean added, “He can sing his a** off. He’s not only a great actor and a handsome man.”

Gosling never auditioned to be in the band

While sitting down with Andy Cohen during an episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in February 2020, the Backstreet Boys set the record straight on whether Gosling was almost a member of the band.

Though McLean reiterated that the band members were Gosling’s neighbors back in the day, he revealed that the actor “never auditioned” to be in the group.


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“We were playing basketball, like every other day, and the group had just started. I told [Gosling] that Backstreet Boys is gonna be huge and he’s like, ‘It’s not gonna happen, bro,” ‘the singer recalled. “Cut to, he was wrong.”

“He never auditioned,” McLean continued. “Somehow the press misconstrued it and then it became a thing.”

Though Gosling would have been a member of one of the most successful boy bands had he joined the Backstreet Boys, he still skyrocketed to fame in Hollywood by starring in films such as The Notebook and Drive.

But despite achieving major success thanks to his acting career, Gosling has gotten the chance to experience the rock-star lifestyle thanks to his band, Dead Man’s Bones.

Gosling formed the band with his friend Zach Shields in 2005, and the two have gone on to tour around the country, putting on shows that have included neon skeletons and glowing ghosts.

Though Dead Man’s Bones acquired quite the goth-centric fan base, Gosling and Shields haven’t performed together in years and don’t seem like they’re going to reunite anytime soon.

But even if they don’t get the group back together, at least Gosling can say that he experienced being part of a band — even if it wasn’t with the Backstreet Boys.