Ryan Paevey Had ‘Massive Food Poisoning’ on His First Day on ‘General Hospital’

Before becoming Nathan West on General Hospital, Ryan Paevey didn’t consider himself an actor. He certainly would be regarded as one now. The famed soap opera opened the door for Paevey to move into other roles, including TV movies. Paevey has appeared in 11 TV movies since 2013. Still, things could have gone in a completely different direction. The General Hospital star revealed that he was sick on his first day of filming for General Hospital. His co-stars helped him out. 

Ryan Paevey said he was sick with food poisoning on his first day on the set of ‘General Hospital’ 

Paevey didn’t consider himself an actor when he landed his role in General Hospital. Sure, he had appeared in several shorts, some music videos, and a movie here and there, but the famed soap opera was largely seen as his big break. Understandably, emotions were running high, but Paevey’s first day of work was pretty awful, he admits. 

'General Hospital' actor Ryan Paevey poses for a portrait during the 2014 TCA summer press tour
Ryan Paevey | Christopher Polk/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

During an interview with TV Insider, Paevey revealed that he wasn’t nervous on his first day of work because of the scope of the job. At least, that’s not all that was bothering him. Paevey actually had food poisoning the day he reported to the set. He said he was incredibly ill on the first day of filming and had 36 pages of dialogue to learn. The cast helped him substantially, and not just on that first day. 

The famed actor revealed that his co-stars helped him build his career

Paevey is grateful to the cast of General Hospital for all the help they offered him, even beyond his first, very difficult day on set. During his interview with TV Insider, Paevey said he was lucky that a significant amount of his work was with Finola Hughes. He told the publication, “if it wasn’t for her, I would have gotten fired.” Hughes played Anna Devane. She left and returned to the soap opera several times. 

The cast of "General Hospital" celebrates its historic 13,000th episode with a cake-cutting ceremony
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Paevey also noted that Maurice Benard was incredibly kind to him. Paevey said it was a stroke of luck that his dressing room was right next to Benard. He went on to say the entire cast was very kind to him. Benard is well known for portraying the ever-complicated Sonny Corinthos

What is Ryan Paevey doing now? 

Paevey’s run on General Hospital ended with a dramatic storyline. In his final episodes on the famed soap, Paevey’s character, Nathan, learns that his real biological father was Cesar Faison. Nathan lured Faison out of hiding, only to be shot by him. He died following emergency surgery. 

Since his final episode in 2018, Paevey has been busy with other projects. Most recently, he appeared in Two Tickets to Paradisea Hallmark TV movie. In the flick, Pavey’s character, Josh Wyatt, is left at the altar, but he isn’t the only one. Hannah Holt, portrayed by Ashley Williams, was also left at the altar. The two jilted lovers continue to cross paths until it’s obvious that fate is real.

Paevey does not have any announced projects at the moment. Still, it doesn’t seem out of the question that he’ll pop up in another TV movie at some point soon. 

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