Ryan Seacrest Realizes He’s ‘Weird’ About Sharing Emotions Following Split From Shayna Taylor

Ryan Seacrest is one of America’s most popular TV and radio hosts. He rose to fame in 2002 as the presenter of American Idol and subsequently also became well-known for hosting the radio programs American Top 40 as well as On Air with Ryan Seacrest. These days, Seacrest can be seen every weekday on Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Given Seacrest’s high-profile jobs, it’s not surprising that he has been open about some aspects of his life, such as his romantic relationships. However, he still finds it hard to share his emotions with the people around him. Yet, just one week after separating from his ex-girlfriend, Shayna Taylor, Seacrest has noticed something ‘weird’ about this behavior. For him, certain situations make him more emotionally vulnerable than others.

Ryan Seacrest
Ryan Seacrest | Rachel Murray/Getty Images for NBC Olympic Social Opening Ceremony

Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor had an on-and-off relationship for several years

Seacrest and Taylor’s relationship was characterized by many highs and lows. They first met in 2013 and started dating some time after. However, the couple parted ways in 2014.

Their breakup did not last for long. Seacrest and Taylor ended up reconciling in 2016. They even moved in together in 2017, and it seemed they might be on their way to a happy ending.

However, Seacrest and Taylor split up again in 2019. A source told People that Taylor was “ready to get married,” but Seacrest was not ready for such a commitment.

Nevertheless, a few months after their breakup, Seacrest and Taylor were spotted vacationing together again, showing they had reconciled once more. Things did not last long this time either. They ended up breaking up again in June 2020.

Why did Seacrest and Taylor split recently?

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It’s not clear what the cause for Seacrest and Taylor’s breakup could be, but Taylor did share a quote about change on her Instagram Stories shortly after their split.

“You will never need to convince the right person to love you,” the quote read. “No matter what, you cannot change them, make them do the work, or get them to commit to you if they’re not ready to show up. Change must be inspired from within, and actions are always louder than words.”

Additionally, according to Psychology Today, couples who are stuck in a cycle of breaking up and making up often have incompatibilities and/or other issues that have not been fixed properly. They might get back together for the comfort of being in a relationship, but things ultimately are not likely to work out unless both parties are willing to put in the work to sustain their romance.

Seacrest admits he is ‘weird’ about sharing emotions with other people

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Breakups often bring about a host of emotions, and we can only guess this is the same for Seacrest and Taylor.

On July 6, Seacrest dedicated a segment of On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talking about men and emotions. Titled “Hack: How to Get Your Man to Open Up,” the segment features Seacrest sharing tips on what could make men more vulnerable emotionally. He also decided to reveal an interesting tidbit about himself and the situation what could make him open up more.

“They say men can, at times, find it challenging to share their feelings openly,” Seacrest said.  “[Cohost] Patty [Rodriguez] and I — well, not Patty and I, Patty’s [partner] and I — sometimes find it tough off air. On air, no problem, which is so weird.”

While Seacrest might be more comfortable sharing feelings on air, he is still a professional who is careful about letting the world in on his private life. As such, it is unlikely Seacrest will be revealing to fans any deep emotions concerning his breakup anytime soon.